segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

Poema (Quase) Egocêntrico

Das noites frias às manhãs calorosas
O prazer não se ofusca
No mais profundo brilhantismo da alma
O sentido espiritualista rege em mim
As palavras rasgam o papel mais infortunado do mundo
Escrevo exactamente o que não digo
Egocentrismo é um enfeite
Um enfeite do corpo
Fixado na mente
E lentamente deixa-nos
Como o sol num inverno
Ou a chuva no verão
Ambos são bem-vindos
Mas que não tenham as suas manias trocadas
Como se uma árvore ficasse azul ou preta
Ou a música na minha cabeça fosse moderna
Pelo menos sei que esta é eterna
Como os sonetos de poetas antigos
E a liberdade subjectiva totalmente livre de perigos


quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

Shiny Delusion

Undying love
Eternity wounded
Like bleeding eyes staring at me
Haunting pride
Your lack of emotion
My need for attention
Is it the end?

Crying out my desperation
And a kiss on the lips
A memory
A thing from the past
The stone replacing the heart
Misery filling my soul
And the words have changed
The cold
The anxiety
Superior feelings
And their loathing

Illusion inside of me
The mind begins to rotten
Surrounded by daylight impurity
My passion grows
Desiring something else
But the exit is distant
My thoughts are broken
My warm heart has been stolen
Turned into dust
Failed lust

A troubled world
Within my own insecurity
Feeling lost
And your decisions confuse me
Once in a while
Make up your mind
And your heart should follow
The comfortable hollow
Day and night
Through my only wonders
Of indecency and delusions


domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

The Timeless Soul

Twisted feelings into my mind
Poisoned heart and the cold beat
The memories haunt me
My infatuation sinks with me
I feel the nothingness coming in
Fire warming my feet
But my thoughts are still sick
Hatred inside a box
My love is not enough
Blindfold my eyes
Take my pain away
In a long period of time
I crawl in desperation
And I run
And scarred

An inspiration to my feelings
The wind blowing my thoughts
The cold persists
You're so far away
My heart still exists
He's dead
Sickness fills your head
I try to remain hopeful
Don't give me anymore reasons
To survive on my own
Or to even shed tears all alone

Papers inside of letters
The call I need is leaking
Someone will feel the way I burn
Screaming in agony
Too many visions
Visions of darkness
Everything created in illusions
And I still hope
That our now shattered passion
Comes back soon
With the lasting love
That is my dream
The strange paralysis of my heart
The irony

Flames surround my naked body
In debt with the oil
Burnt eyes
Still a fearful mind
I will never feel myself again
I will never know the touch again
My heart can't be wrong
The guide can't be wrong
Not this time

A pure look in my eyes
Will it be good enough
To rescue you
From the cold nights in despair
From the memories in your mind
And the bleeding passion
Our solution
My desperate hope
The timeless soul
The frightened heart


quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

Cold Dimension

The laughter face
Surrounds itself
The deceitful eyes
Dry out
Until the late cries come out
Illusion on the corner
I'm only something physic
And they try to call me
But I refuse to turn realistic
Living in the cold dimension
In the cold

Walking on the stone
The pavement burns my body
My skin as cold as it is
From underneath the steel
To the top of my mind
I can only become real
Ordinary and paralyzed
Flesh ripped off my hands
Haunted blood
The nonexistent days
The desire is too much
Everyone is gone

There is only me
Living in the cold dimension
And everyone is gone
To the nonexistent days
And I could find the joy
The perfect world


segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012


Crossing the lines of hell
Trying to fade away
My skin feels cold
Heartless thief
Mourns my death
Slow, old breath
My eyes are blind
It's too much time far from you
The surrounding sounds are inaudible
It's too much time without hearing you
And your voice
That always warms my heart
And clears my mind
From cheating myself
Solely to the purpose of hurting myself
Because I can't seem to reach you

Don't fall
Don't fall beneath my heart
It would be my death
Stand tall
Stand tall staring at my eyes
It can be our moment
Anytime you want

Wounds from the inside
Once they had you
No more
When my love for you is eternal
When the moments felt better than anything

Still makes you lie on the ground
That pain needs to be buried

You can overcome your battles
But don't do it alone
Otherwise I'd be left
All alone and beaten
By the threatening sorrow
With nowhere to go
But to you

You're my only escape
My only joy
And the only precious heart and mind
That I will ever understand and want
Is yours
Close to mine

Give me a sign
Let me hear your voice
I'm getting lost over here
Let me hear it
Your slow breathing
Let me cherish your words again

No one else but you knows
The truth in my words
Reflected in actions
Prospered in the heat of our hearts
And will it be today?
The taste of your voice
Inside my soul
Filling my whole


quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

Sociedade Restrita

Livros incinerados
Páginas ensanguentadas
Completam as frases insuportáveis
Daqueles que nos julgam
Destemido falso poder alimentado de risos exteriores
E a raiva emerge nos interiores
Da nossa alma
E guia-nos à loucura perturbadora
Miseravelmente sangrando
Toda a nossa sanidade
Em torno da corrupção da pura felicidade

Eternamente, prometo-te a salvação
E o meu pobre coração
Tão quebrado
Mas não tão quebrado como tu, meu amor
Nem como a tua bondade
E não tão frio como a agonia e tristeza
Que nestes momentos, muito infelizmente, vivem em ti
Mas ofereço-te o bom que há em mim
Aliás, o melhor
Porque mereces o perfeito julgamento
E não um de mentes vendadas
E muito menos um julgamento feito por quem não nos compreende
Ou por quem recusa ignorantemente
Apreciar a nossa arte literária e emocional
Nesta sociedade restrita

Todos os toques de serenidade nos mantêm juntos
Numa única realidade
O pensamento é comum
O sentimento é eterno
E assim permanecemos
Sem o desvanecimento dito
Sem o perecimento da alma

Cinzas provenientes de tragédias serão superadas
Continuamos para além dos próximos
Para além do que temos
Ou do que sonhámos no passado
Para que os livros incinerados
E as páginas ensanguentadas
Não tenham caído em vão
E no esquecimento
Sem retorno

Ricardo Rodrigues

terça-feira, 20 de novembro de 2012

Mirth (I give to you)

You're too broken today
But I'll follow
Soon that pain will be thrown away
To the pits of sorrow
I'll teach you how to live once more
The agony must rest in the hollow
It won't enslave you anymore

And there the clouds shake
In tones of dark blue
While I'm here trying to keep you awake
To remind you of my dedication
To you
And I'll remain to be your salvation
Truly eternal

The words that you want to shout
Are they worthy of hearing them?
You want to be saved alone
Hatred has grown
I hope my love to be still enough
Because every wounded memory
Are making your tears feel really rough

Jealous minds that you see everyday
Clueless population won't even reach halfway
Their hearts are empty
And their lies are plenty
But my dear, don't breakdown
They're just too many clowns

We must be stronger than Earth
And in little time
You'll finally feel mirth
With me and the perfect way we rhyme


quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2012

Warm Mouth

I remember knowing myself
The birds sang with me everyday
Deadly crows in the corner
Dying to feed me with their darkness
I can feel their diseased heads
And the outside shows nothing
When I can hide some despair

The mind is my betrayal
And the bodies burned
Flesh sliced
Little hearts
Ashes wander the fields
And the swamps are filled
And the cities are empty
The women and the men
Fell forever

A very warm mouth returns
To build everything
That was destroyed by self-guilt
Near the dead waters
Where my own crows lived
And then died
Along with my colds
And my lonely breath

Ricardo Rodrigues

quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

Quiet Dimensions

A newborn poet
Who circles my mind
Who browses the pages of my book
Learning my eyes
Foiling the truth
Hidden inside the lies
Of an ancient land
And a very cold hand
Warms up my heart
And sells it in parts
To save the world
To kill all the evil
It will make me die
And all the good nature
Will survive

Perfect surrounding environment
I'm alive
Someone who walks
Everyone talks
I worship you
And I hate your blindness
The noise is making me feel ill
Is it inside my head?
Is it because I may be dead?
Or is it just the strangers talking about me?

Desire to crawl for my dreams
But the strength leaks
The times of today are young
But I find myself dramatically old
Inside my thoughts
Beneath the extended joys
The trembling laughs

I walk with you
In a lonely path
To reach and to see
My soul coming back with something
Happiness or delusion
Needed or desired
All of them are right and wrong
Forming emotions on paper
Visual modification

Ricardo Rodrigues

segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Fly Away

Had my identity stolen
My mind turned out to be swollen
Eyes closed, it's time to depart
This place is too far from my heart

Yelling at my own face
Tiring pain that remains to chase me
And if you could save someone
Would I be the one?

I'm gonna leave my enemies
I'm done with my so called friends
Why should I care?
They were never there

If you think I'm lost inside
Then tell me after I've cried
Only you must know what I need
Your love or I shall bleed

Try to bring me peaceful joy again
I'll forget everything that makes me drain
My time here
Their lies I can hear

Who's there to fear for me?
This is my only plea
I'm almost finished and I would die to live
But I want to know, what can I give?

Too many people are over themselves
They judge me and make me doubt myself
What if I'm really wrong?
What if I'm afraid to stay strong?


sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Once More

I've never been trapped like this
Hidden thoughts create my doubts
Who's there to let me live
I've always wanted to leave
I don't know if I can go
But I'm sure the time will flow
Once more

End of the day and the wind on my face
I realize that my strength has gone to another place
Missing or eternally gone, I'm afraid to ask
I wish I could put on someone else's mask
Once more

The dreams love to lash my mind
Will you kill me when I'm blind
So you can spare me the joyful vision
Of my ignorant indecision
Once more

Looking at myself and staring emotionless
Daydreaming what can't be solved
Trying to run away from who can't be dissolved
They'll try to catch me before I know
But their hearts tend to feel too slow

And will you let me remain your whole
Don't tear apart my soul
Don't crush my heart

Oh, I'm here again
Yeah, I'm here again
And I'm feeling so pointless
Once more


terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2012

New Era (yet to come)

I'm sorry to be sensitive, kind and melodramatic.
I wish I could meet you anytime in my attic,
But unfortunately I have none.
Gladly, you're the one.
I will live with you someday,
There's no point doing it in any other way.
My heart just has one true meaning,
And that is your portrait when I'm away and dreaming.

The lines that circle my mind make me want to cry,
Forgive my foolishness for asking myself why;
Why is it becoming so cold and warm at the same time?
Why do I fear when there is no reason to fear time?
I wish I had answers for all of my concerns,
And I wish they would take turns;
During the night, the day,
And my whole life.

My thoughts are troubled by too much distance,
Sometimes I can't even realize my own existence,
And it's not just the usual anxiety,
It's my own irrational piety.
Because sometimes I can't understand myself,
I will always try to torture myself;
Through a very unhealthy way,
Built in colors of grey.

Who am I to believe or not to believe,
If I'm going to live away from here,
When I can be anything except a seer?
But I really wish to leave.
I will be in total happiness there by your side,
Our hearts and minds will never be tired


terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Endless Mysteries

The daily routine is becoming really bad,
The movements of my mind are too mad,
There's another way for my troubles to go,
I wish I had full control of my entire soul,
But the ice is breaking on my hands,
And the liquid is pouring down to my plans.

Can I save them now?
Let the mysteries make a vow.
My heart will make it right,
Playing through the night.

People these days seem too fake,
Their actions grow to the rhythm I ache.
They look into my eyes and watch them wrong,
I'm laying down, I'm not keeping myself strong,
Where do I belong?
Where do I belong?

Can I save them now?
Let my mysteries make you a vow,
And my heart will make it right,
Wondering through the night.


segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Imagina-me Distante

Eu espero viver entre sombras e luzes
Chorar sem ninguém me observar
Pareço igual a muitos para mentes que nada significam
E não vejo em mim o que poucos dignificam

Tardes sem nuvens, sem chuva
O frio quase congela o coração
Noites seguintes que, intensivamente,
Tentam perdurar as minhas esperanças em vão

Uma vela perto da minha face
Cega a minha visão no teu desenlace
Quero gritar mas para ninguém me ouvir
Quero libertar tudo dentro de mim antes de cair

Vou alimentar a minha alma com raios de luz
São os meus desejos impertinentes
E já foram as mágoas de outrora
Encaminhadas para o que nunca imaginei conseguir

Posso abrir o meu sentimento a quem me rodeia
Não o farei sem sofrimento
Sem estar distante

Ricardo Rodrigues

sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012


Grey eyes that steal my vision
Unbounded soul forms my division
No water, no fire
Just lost ashes to inspire
Old places
Bold faces
It's a misunderstood truth
Prospered through the dying youth

Ignorance must not dwell
The world is falling apart between our eyes
More heart, more heart, more heart
Less lies inside our minds
This is their greed
This is our need

Searching inside led me to regret
Shadows and horrors brought to me
Feeling them might end my defect
I feel the despair
Hope to reckon your care

More love, less death
Begging you
Don't let me stare
Don't let me stare
The blue


quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012


The ferocious passion is running out,
Why do I feel so slow in my mind?
I think I'll have to wind up my thoughts,
I must not be tempted to fail,
Otherwise I rather finish myself outside;
Feeling the cold breeze,
And the ever lasting tease - inside.

Flying around the cities of wisdom,
I could never feel any better.
It called me but I didn't want to go,
I was feeling right, at last;
With my creatively measured actions,
Going around in circles,
Throwing away my eternal passions.

This uncomfortable situation is unreal,
I thought I was going to feel thrill,
I'm writing and I'm trembling,
These voices are frightening,
Please, help me,
I'm not being myself,
Please, forgive my insanity!
Help is all I'm hoping,
These voices filling my head,
These strange and scary transmissions filling my head!


sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012


A search of pleasure covers my day,
Rainy eyes remember every way.
For too long, I thought I was a mistake,
Thoughts come soon and I don't want to ache.
The desires of a young man, no longer obtained,
And my wishes are fearful, my mind is stained.

When I felt that I was losing it,
I took a word to somebody's soul,
And, surprisingly, I found what I stole;
The meat that I crave,
The skin that I can't hate,
Of a lonely body waving on my direction,
And I'm frustrated to feel an affection,
I can't take this type of complexion,

Ricardo Rodrigues

quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2012

The Warning

Trying to be someone special will not last,
All these nights in black cannot be done,
From silence to noise, the moment goes fast,
My hands are cold and I'm just no one.

Blind eyes seek lonely and peaceful sounds,
Inside my heart exists troubled bounds,
And during the day I find myself dying,
Let me deceive you to believe I'm crying.

Oh, oh, what am I?
I'm sorry if my soul wishes to die,
Beneath the ground, I will lie,
Terrified to become a stranger,
Through the dark clouds I found danger.

I'm feeling more and more afraid,
Inside I'm begging for your aid...

Ricardo Rodrigues

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Blue Room

The clouds have woken
I've told my entire wounds
Bleed, bleed, bleed
Tormenting myself, care is too much
Right through my soul
Lit fire to my soul

Bedroom, my only room
Blue room, my only room
My blue mind, my only room
My only room

Crossed his legs
Broke his necks
Left his home, stole his own
Raped his mouth, shut it now
You're too loud

In his only room
In his only room
In his only room

Suicide and gloom
He'd be happy if he'd bloom
If it'd bloom

Ricardo Rodrigues

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012


The worries of an old man, kept for no one,
His passions lost in depth, they were tired and done,
All of the people he met said he was corrupt,
Every bone he possessed had to disrupt.

In the dark he felt good,
Through the painful heart, he felt good.

Convinced from broken feelings, woken and weak,
Confused by the daylight, promised to never speak,
Again and again he swore to never hear them, but forced to ache,
He fell in despair, tainted from memories, alone he would shake.

In the dark he felt good,
Through the painful heart, he felt good,
Day and night, he had to be good.

Ricardo Rodrigues

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

Wooden Eyes

The solution for my misery could go well,
But instead I went through hell.
Mind's a broken thing,
Left myself a good wing.

But it won't make me fly,
Disrupt my cries,
Ask myself why.

Humans exposed to my eyes,
Could I see more than lies?
Confidence could be invaded,
My mind dares to be betrayed.

It will make me happy,
Repeat my voice,
You're my always choice.

domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012


Gritos ferozes,
Almas sem vozes;
Pedem-me tudo,
Mas o meu coração
Tende a ser surdo,
E eu sou a prova morta da imperfeição.
Ou simplesmente viva sem razão.

Sombras atormentam os meus olhos,
As minhas mãos sentem solidão,
O meu rosto torna-se escuro;
Socorro! Estou tão perdido.

Alguma vez escreverei o mundo tão puro?
Então e este muro,
Que me protege e previne de atingir o fundo?
Não me satisfaz...
Nada me parece eficaz;
Para escapar à minha própria ruína.

sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012

Someone Lies

I have no need of imagination,
the spare time is null.
I could be done with my frustration,
but then I'd always be dull,
and I could never rest -
to be full,
or a fool.

Someone sights my black eyes,
they're poisoned and empty.
The moments would be lies,
and I've sold all my rights;
With pleasure foretold,
for Someone to die old.

Letters that I never sent,
poorly written masterpieces.
Oh, the time I've spent
creating hollows with emotional scent!

I wish that you will never die,
because that would make me cry.
Well, Someone is sad,
and speaking of which;
I'm just a little glad.

sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

The Lighter

Touch to be burnt,
The magic will be earned,
Watch your words, your filthy words,
And what's going on inside,
You'll kill me softly, we'll take a little ride,
It's time to walk now,
Time to take me now,
It's time to take a lighter,
It's time to feed me,
Time to feed up a fighter.

You'll think I'm wrong when I,
Tell you I hate myself,
When I kill myself,
And I can't tell what's right,
Am I just lonely and bright?
Who knows, I'm alive,
You're alive, you're alive,
Tell me now!

Come dance with me, my baby,
Bring your lights to me, my lady,
I'm cold and so is my fire,
And if you hold me,
I'll take you to the dawn,
And if you let me show you,
You'll fall in my arms once more,
Once more, we'll take new lore,
New lore, old door...

Young child who turns white,
Cure her with The Lighter,
But kill her after,
Teach her with laughter!
Sweet daughter,
Oh, oh, sweet daughter...

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

Rainy Days

Everyone feels numb,
Everything feels dumb,
What is this thing?
I won't forgive,
I need to relieve.

You're following your eyes,
With your foolish guides,
Your mind feels lost,
The time freezes through frost;

A rainy day,
A rainy day,
A rainy day.

The lines of life are dark,
The words will lack,
I will lie for you,
I want to die, too.

Tormenting my mind,
My soul is blind.
Well, the nights are right,
Wished to think bright,
To feel right;

On a rainy day,
On a rainy day,
On a rainy day.

sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

Cura Incurável

Dentro da minha mente resides,
Como a eterna sombra no meu coração,
Porém, tudo é feliz e encantado.
A minha lágrima é seca e ardente,
O rosto do mundo é fechado,
As minhas mágoas sorriem deliberadamente.

Somos gotas de água fria num mundo de emoções quentes,
Somos a luz sem rumo, perdidos num mundo de pessoas que usam tudo;
Tudo, excepto as suas mentes.
Se a minha dor fosse projectada ao infinito,
Será que tudo se tornaria um pouco mais compreensível?
Ou talvez apenas mais sensível...

Nada terei que temer;
A lua ilumina-me antes de eu nascer,
E a escuridão oferece-me animosidade e prazer.

Serei eu apenas alguém que nada informa,
Que de nada sabe e ao longo do tempo se deforma?

terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2012

Broken Years

Nothing is real,
Yeah, no one can heal.
Everyone is dead,
Yeah, we should have fled.

Lights are over,
Yeah, feeling you closer.
Feelings can't be broken,
Yeah, we're pieces that were stolen.

Eyes sold me,
Yeah, who killed me?
Dying breathless,
Yeah, I'm crawling restless.

I'm nobody's friend,
Yeah, my soul must end.
I've fallen shy,
Yeah, teach me how to die.

I hurt myself before anyone,
I need my soul before it's done,
Everything I've read feels unreal,
This is the way I'll always feel.

segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2012

Slave Of Myself

Shouldn't we all fall deep?
The reason behind our trick,
And the healing for the sick,
Is to die beneath;
The diseased and painful world,
For the sake of what's been told
In the scenarios of chaotic madness,
And the sorrows of my sadness.

Take away all of my pain,
I would live among the drops of rain...
And the eyes shall tear,
And the cold shall not fear.

We run the past like miserable slaves.
According to the endings of my heart,
My faithful darkness cannot fall apart.

And the anchors which drag me,
To a sea so profound,
My wounds are meant to be,
For a magnificent, fearful ground.

sábado, 15 de setembro de 2012

Above Me

Well, the lines that cross your face,
Seem so dark and leave no trace.
We all carry happiness in our hearts,
We just can't forget past marks,
And our world looks so sweet,
When I have the chance to treat;

You, my dear,
You, my darling.
You, my love,
You're really above.

When they told me to go away,
You stood there for me so I could lay;
With your feather,
I could almost see your bearer.
And everything will be done,
I'll crawl to your arms as we are one;

My dear,
My darling.
You, my love,
You're really above me.

The clocks are empty,
The feelings must be lengthy.
Our souls are calling,
Our bodies probably crawling.

sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012


Friendly man who feels sick
Nothing works, he lives with guilt
There's no more medication
Nothing to complete his sedation
Tells my love he's really sorry
Thinks he hurt her
And darling says, don't be sorry

He feels so much pain
He thinks through his pain

Strong and unbearable ache
Find a new thing and wake
Diagnosed and too chronic
His feelings almost seem so ironic
My love tells me he's so harmonic

He feels so much pain
He thinks through his pain

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Shred Myself

Troubled mind, I'm against
I can't hide what I have sensed
Heartless speeches, broken hands
Open cards and hate my lands
They will lose everything
They will steal anything
We will buy another thing

Let myself go undone
Traveler body with a gun
Sold my path anytime
Told my friends to come by
They never came, they don't exist
Let me be, I will resist
If my thoughts feel perverse
Go away and don't discuss

I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I will shred

Symptoms of eroticism
Devil's eyes that will tease
Your thoughts through empty trees
It's all about a shameless way
It's nothing but a brand new day
Leafs will fall on your bed
Lights will shine upon your head

Whenever I think of you
All the time it's about you
For the future it will be you
When my heart is loving you
My thoughts are also fucking you
I will never lie to you
You're my reason for all that's true
You're my evil and my good
I'm so blue I could be you

I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I will shred

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Mr. Lonely

All the fears I've been put through
All the doubts I've been feeling too
I can't find any escape
I won't fight another day

Feel no fear
All I feel

Child, you have been promised to
Fight the illusion before you're true
Anything that your soul will borrow
Everything will turn into a lonely sorrow

Heal me
Heal me
Feel no fear
All I feel
All I feel is fear

segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

Shout Me Love

People laugh even when they're shy
We live a concept before our thoughts die
The words are drunk and I'm sober
Never gotta go, it won't be over

I'll be there, my lover
You'll meet me again, my lover

Hold on I'll be there soon with you
The days are closing in for you
I won't miss any little things
I let you fall on my shoulder
Always dying to feel you closer

I'll be there, my lover
You'll meet me again, my lover
I'll be there, my lover

If I've to do anything
If I've to feel everything
Nothing's gonna stop me
Only something to bother me
And forever you'll know
I'm with you, we'll grow

Mind is slow
Mind is slow sometimes
Past times have a little glow

Beneath My Conscious

Lifeless face, misplaced
They eat the diamonds
Lifeless face, you're misplaced
Shiny and sparkling above our heads

Your body is an extent
What can I do, I'm not relaxing
What can I do

Locked inside my soul
I see no door, I feel no floor
Too warm for me
Too cold for thee
It's okay to cease
I've stopped talking to ease

My concerns
Had many concerns
Will always live with concerns

So, what can I do with
So many concerns
Ohh, my concerns
They'll lead to my kill
Oh, beautiful kill

quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Homeless Vocation

I've troubled the past on my own for several times,
I went to work but I couldn't stand all the lies,
My mind was full of hate,
The appointments said I was late,
I said to myself, what was I thinking?
My soul had a leaking,
Your eyes saw my heart dripping.

Homeless and carrying your portrait,
I have a house but it still feels too corporate,
Homeless and wandering through the dawn,
I'm sleeping in the dark, resting on the lawn.

What have I won?
Nothing but art to write.
What have I won?
Nothing but a filthy sight.
What have I done?
Roamed the streets during the night,
Searching for some bright lights,
I failed to succeed,
I failed to find my need.

Resting on the lawn,
Resting on the lawn,
I'm sleeping in the dark,
Wandering through your lonely dawn,
Carrying your portrait and finding you,
Sleeping on the lawn,
And it takes no sensation,
And it misses every temptation,
To fall asleep with no sedation,
To wake up with the nightly vocation.


terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Woman, Wash Me

To whatever I lean on,
Self righteous paradise,
I'm left alone with myself,
Let me harm this time,
I'm a danger for a single dime,
Call me your ranger!

Ashes from the public cigarettes,
I'm awake and I never sleep,
Missing your heart, lonely deep,
Your heart beating, sorrow's deep.

I feel loved and sacrificed,
I'm not enough to roll the dice,
I'm talking garbage, I'm a lie,
Oh darling, my darling,
I'm talking garbage, I'm a lie,
Except my love, don't die,
Except my love, so don't die!

One pain for a bastard,
None and all to gather,
Love and sex after,
I'm an electric bastard,
Who sings love to the birds,
Who draws sex to my woman,
Do I write you well, my woman?!
My woman?!
Ohh my woman!

Digging a hole so I can throw myself in,
Lock and load your suicide, I'm in,
Wash my breath before I go,
Take all of my clothes I deserve to go,
I'm less than everyone with no regrets,
I'm less than the world,
I'll be digging a hole so I can kill myself,
Finally I'll be digging a hole,
I will never achieve my whole...


Strange Man

Strange man who wanders the desert road,
He feels lost every time he falls,
And the sea is too heavy to carry.

Whenever the sky seems frightening and grey,
The strange man only has one question;
Who prays?
He has no answer for himself,
He feels alone and a hole in the sand is where he lays.

There, covered in sand, he wakes.
His loneliness strikes the most when he breaks down,
Starting to recall all of his past moments,
He had everything and a beautiful wife,
But he ran away when she asked about his previous life,
His secrets could be eternally buried,
His dreadful murders led him to be married,
And never thinking that she could be as beautiful as the past,
He quickly started to shed tears and screamed in misery;
"My love for you was never meant to be truly vast!"

Strange man picks his guitar strings on a lonely day,
Playing what he calls peace to our state of mind,
No one else listens to his masterpiece,
No one else but him can appreciate the silence!

The nightfall hasn't shown for months,
Since he's been living with filthy worms,
His most favorite food are snakes.
He inhales unknown substances,
His lost mind aches.

And the spirit of this lost man,
Has become numb but recognizable.
Was he a man at all?
A woman they said,
A woman they saw.


quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Labaredas Infinitas

Em torno das labaredas és despertada,
Seduzida estás, pela brisa dos ventos, minha namorada,
Deixa tudo e leva-me contigo pelo mar adentro,
Onde há ruínas e paixões,
Onde há chamas sem ilusões.

Até ao fundo de todas as marés,
Enquanto pego nos teus magníficos pés,
Levo-te comigo sem olhar para trás.
E se estiveres adormecida nos meus ombros,
Jamais cairás e eternamente perdurarás.

Ao longo das rotas sem destino,
Criaste o teu próprio ensino;
Sem violência, sem ódio nas ruas,
Com paz de espírito,
Aconchegada por inúmeras Luas.

Tudo tão estragado por dentro,
Ironicamente, um grande opaco no centro;
Do teu coração e da tua mente,
Que bloqueia demasiado sentimento, infelizmente,
Mas não, minha querida, não na tua alma,
Pois em ti, reside eternamente a minha calma.

Não fossem as tuas palavras doiradas,
Não fossem as minhas reacções limitadas...


terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

Treasured Two Days

Sedate me and anything I possess
Your feelings trapped in distress
Your only chance breaks down
So take me down
I'm sedated I'm feeling out

Foolish father
I don't even bother
I don't care
This broken lair


Warm up your body
I'm coming down
Come to your town
Feed my only tension

Foolish family I'm going away
Don't stop me I'm right
It's gonna be alright


And what's left
Remains my theft
Leaves nothing behind
No one likes to be kind

She's taking my hand
I'm giving my hand
I'm no man's land
Nobody can pretend
Desired sex inside my tend


Sexual perversion
That's our version
Only diversion

Two days
Wish they were today


quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Literal Trend

Floating senseless, looking breathless,
Help her now, help this daughter,
With the holder of death,
Surprised to reclaim my breath.

Feelings are clearly literal,
Anger, frustration, through the natural.

Absolute power, broken tower,
Define our lonely chain,
Suicidal numbers in drops of rain.

Burning passions flying everywhere,
Look at the sea, I was there,
Look to the sky, I don't care,
I'm afraid but I don't say,
I can't wait to see you again,
I can't wait another day.

Dying through the ink,
Can't anyone smell the stink,
The papers and everyone,
Ripping them all at once.


quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012

You Know

I feel something is not right,
No, no, this moment is not bright,
Some things are way too absurd,
The way I've fallen, the voices I've heard,
They aren't much more than a confusing word.

Of all the things that my mind has left,
This one is wrong, is surely a theft,
Of my soul, of my sensitive side,
And we were there and we cried,
But something is not feeling right,
So I just write and sing along the night.

I think I know, I think I know,
I don't ever, I don't ever want you to go.

But I won't tell anyone,
It would end, I would be done,
And you know but you don't admit,
And together we will never split.

You know but you don't want to admit,
And you know, you know,
I don't want you to go.

If I tell, you will be upset,
And I bet, I bet I will regret.

But I don't want you to go,
I don't ever want you to go,
You know, and you know...


segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

Make Me

I like to look at the trees
I like to feel your tease
Falling asleep on the ground
Smiling to nobody around
Happy to see that yours are round

Make me do it now
Make me do it now and again
Do it now and again

I'm wearing your ancient necklace
Golden purity sometimes I'm reckless
Is it a pyramid or a triangle
I don't know I don't care
But it proves that I was there

I'll make you do it now
I'll make you do it again
I'll make you do it now and again
Make me please
Make me


domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Proibição de Emoção

Eu sou um poeta...
Mas não sou um poeta que modifica o tempo,
Não sou um poeta apenas por passatempo,
Não sou um poeta rodeado de poesia apenas porque é arte,
Mas sou um poeta que se parte...

Nós somos dois poetas...
Perante dois corpos novamente afastados,
Permanecem dois poetas apaixonados,
Com inúmeras razões para viver,
Sem mágoas para não sofrer.

Dizeis que sou um poeta criativo,
Pois um dia, o mundo dirá que sou expressivo,
E nesse momento irei escrever nas paredes da cidade;
Um poeta jamais deverá mostrar a sua felicidade,
Ou a sua amabilidade...


quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2012

Melody Or No Melody

They are who he hates
She'll find them soon
What does he tastes
She'll find out soon
And when he breaks
She tells him, you're my moon

You're my moon
She tells him, you're my moon
She tells him, you're my moon
You're my moon
My moon

There's a melody inside my head
Everything is dead
All the lyrics seem to matter
What do they matter

I am myself
She is herself
And she wishes to dwell

She loves me rather well
She loves me rather well
She loves me rather well

And when I'm breaking
She tells me, you're my moon
She tells me, you're my moon
You're my moon

You're my
You're my
You're my


domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Safety Road

We're so close to be around each other,
It felt so great when you told me it was your mother,
Asked myself several times if this is true,
Our love, our real love when the sky is blue,
Building up a feeling of endless passion,
Now I remember without you I always felt too ashen.

If I ever stay alone,
At least I know my heart was known,
At least I know I've grown.

Don't ever let me go like the water between your fingers,
I wouldn't resist to fall in misery that lingers,
I really wish you to not fall,
I really hope you don't ever see your pain through a bloody wall,
You give everything you ever had,
You desperately try to not feel bad,
But sometimes it all comes back,
And you'd feel too sad.

If I ever stay alone,
At least I know your heart will not be thrown away,
At least we would know how to stray,
Between innocence and our own personal way.


sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

A Pleasant Refuge

He walks carefully and measures his paces,
Looks to the ground and sees someone's traces,
The footprints are so very strange,
Therefore he decides to use his sight at close range.
What does he see?
Only his mind cannot flee.
What does he envision?
Bodies and the lack of living forming the collision;
The collision of it all,
Perhaps the success of the small.

Their clothes are missing,
And their hearts are kissing.
The time is deeply quiet, it is almost unbelievable,
However, they seek the conceivable;
Through stone and fire,
Underwater and above mire.
Who to blame?
What to claim?

Suddenly, the ground trembled for despair,
Then, he and she began to drastically swear;
Their hearts, their souls, it was all out,
Until their voices decided to not shout.
They found a refuge inside a dark place,
Unfortunately, they had already lost their lone grace.
Were they scared or simply cold?
Though it would not change the fact that they were really bold.

Just two beautiful and perfect hearts,
Both dignified of the world's most pleasant arts,
Both sharing moments of delight,
And both desiring the endless night.


terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Lasting Love

She is as beautiful as the dawn,
All of her lights shine upon;
The great surrounding sun,
With a perfect morning run.

Curtains on her waist she wore,
Thankfully, in my heart she found lore.
She will walk to my side,
And she will show me pride.

Dear, my dear lonely baby,
Would you wish to become a lady?
Or would you let myself cease,
To cure your own disease?

I die beneath your guards,
I wish for you to save me,
While I receive your kind regards,
While I'm a failure across the sea.

My hands are starting to break,
These fingers become to shake.
Should it be my own death?
It shall be my miserable breath.

It seems that you are really sweet,
You are truly real, indeed.
Have you sailed to my fleet?
Because you are perfect for myself to read.

And that way it begun,
A lasting love that will never be done.


Silence My Water

This time seems really tiring
These phases are not expiring
Won't she sedate my soul
I must hate this deadly role
And all I can ever do
All I can ever do
Never feels really great
I always feel the bate
And all I ever proved
Will never be approved

I, silenced in the water
I, wrecked in my slaughter

Is the cruel person there
Living inside my lair
I would never
I would never care
But I'm not seeing her tonight
And while I try to write
I need her to feel right

I, drowning in my water
I'm dead in the slaughter
Deadly slaughter


segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

Sweet Moonlight

Lady mistress, your eyes are brown,
Crazy bats, wings on the ground,
Have you fallen inside the flowers,
Or have you dyed your hair on the top,
Of those towers?

Her hair is sometimes curvy,
I can smell the honey bee,
She gets close to me, I feel nervy.
She was leading me to see,
And to feel the nightly haze,
That would induce my glaze.

Bright phantoms near her blinds,
She tells me how it winds.
The dark towers are her room,
Where she brushes her gloom,
When she leans to the ground,
The pretty bats will fill her eyes very brown.

A hundred birds who call her name,
She won't answer, it's not her game,
But she will tell you nameless things,
And all of you shall fall between her wings;
Her glance capable of loving kings.


domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Wishful Temptation

Someone wants a mind to ache,
I think it should be very real,
Unless there is a single thought to wake,
It will feel very torn without a deal,
The lines of this image were revealed,
Without any doubt, it was insane,
Through many attempts it was healed,
And I wonder if they notice their brain,
Do they taste the poisoned rain?

You felt a slight alteration,
A slight alteration,
It was nothing but your lonely temptation,
Your only sedation.

I wish to dismantle my vision,
I want to preserve with the heart,
And I sense it's my healthy precision,
I want to create my own piece of art,
But I need to find the perfection,
In our depravated minds,
On my soulful erection,
Required for the silence of these times.

You felt a slight alteration,
A slight alteration,
It was nothing but your lonely sedation,
Your only temptation.

We are the poisoned rain,
The ejaculation of a perfect strain,
It's my vein, it's my vein,
Was it not in vain,
In vain.


sexta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2012


She was young and lied
Found herself and cried
Less pretentious and very cold
Overwhelmed, she's getting old
Every dangerous secret is being told

If I'm worth
Not anyone's dirt
If I meet your sex
I'll never need any next

My mind is a complex
My mind is a complex
My mind is a complex
I'm your complex

Name myself absurd
You'll taste me unheard
All you need to do is reword
All I've to do is reword
Your heart is how to reword
My mind is my reword
Work as a word

My mind is the complex
My mind is the complex
My mind is the complex
My mind is the complex
I'm your complex
I'm your final


quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Complexity of Despair

Our home where no one is living,
The shadows inside are unforgiving,
I'm a fool beneath my will,
Everyday I'm trying to deal with my thrill,
I'm falling apart and rising after,
I wish the cure was only a simple laughter,
Of myself deeply depressed,
Of myself crying and stressed.

Why are you doing this?
Do you want me to dismiss?
I seem to be useless and sad,
My soul is null, I'm feeling really bad.
If only you would realize now,
This whole suffering of thou,
And I'm asking myself "how?".

I find myself truly inside your heart,
I know us as a beautiful piece of art,
You yell at me to stop,
And sadly my tears are beginning to drop.

It's time to treat one disease,
With two lovers on their knees,
He's trying to prevent the cold breeze,
She asks him, "will you stop, please?".
But he loves her too much to go away,
And "he", is myself that will always stay,
Miserable and aggressive, thinking I'm on the way,
I won't leave my dear, even when she wishes to stray.


segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

I Am Secretly Profound

She lies down on the couch waiting and trembling, her face starts to blush, her nudity to herself seems nothing but broken. He tries to warm her, to calm her down, he tries to gently kiss her soft skin under the invisible blankets, beneath the bath of foam, but she struggles; she struggles with her own image.
The night is late, the morning is about to give birth, but the spirits are young. Their souls were built of free will, their hearts were born to be bound to each other, but she does not want to. She refuses to give herself to the beloved one, to the confident of her dreams, of her fears, of her painful and dark diseases.
Have you found someone who comforts you, the same sweet and unique way, that I comfort you? You will not, my dear, you will not. And so, I sincerely tell you; I love you from the bottom of my dripping cold heart. I love you more than anything in this foolish and soulless, filthy world. I love you, my fucking perfect and beloved girl.


sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Fool In a Shell

Fool, I've got no use
You, sleep before the news
Rising all of the truth
Kiss me below the moon
And treat me well
During the doom

Cries the loner from above
Would he found his love

The time was very late
All the reasons to feel hate
Minds are going lone
The world used to be my home
Inside a bloody shell
It feels like a living hell

Cries the loner from above
Would he found his love
Ever found his love


quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Shook The Angry

Finally my heart has grown
I'm happy that she's home
She shows me how to be alive
This love will continue to thrive
Laying myself down on the floor
A bittersweet mood is what I wore
To hide my mind from you
My frustration to be true

I need you to look out for me
Sometimes I lose it and I don't see
What I'm doing is actually real
The reflection by the mirror is to heal
To heal me

Angry self destruction has an end
Lack of self control is a miserable trend
Someone holds me while I last
All the things that I've asked
Now they're turning white
Now everything's gonna be alright
You told me what to write
I read you my bright heart
And we finally became a piece of art
Never staying apart

I need you to look out for me
Sometimes I lose it and I don't see
What I'm doing is actually real
The reflection by the mirror is to heal
To heal me
To heal thee


terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

Excessivamente Perdido

Onde estou eu? Preso num muro que bloqueia as mágoas de trespassarem o meu corpo, comandado por um barulho assustador, sinistro, frio. Desejo sentir algo vivo, porém não me consigo mover, estou a presenciar um terrível pesadelo, que queima a minha pele, que suga o meu coração, mas não a minha alma. Onde estou eu? Questiono-me novamente, ao ritmo de poesia negra, onde se encontra a minha sanidade? Tento procurar em ti o que não consigo em mim, tento dar-te toda a alegria possível, sendo que é impossível eu receber qualquer tipo de felicidade neste estado, fica tu com a felicidade, enriquece-te com a minha mágoa. Vasculho todas as possíveis situações, mas tu continuas em silêncio, sozinha, quase em abandono, e eu aqui, com a minha cara sempre triste, sempre desapontado com a minha própria sensibilidade em excesso. «Em excesso», dizes-me tu...
A minha mão a apoiar a minha cabeça já se torna a minha posição habitual de dor, de sentir que chega, mas continuar em frente, pois tu és tudo o que me mantém verdadeiramente vivo, mesmo que eu me sinta demasiado morto, mesmo que eu alimente a minha depressão incondicionalmente.
«Em excesso», repetes tu...que eu vivo excessivamente, que eu sinto excessivamente, que eu mostro tudo o que sinto por ti...excessivamente.


Palavras Negras

Não tenho valor no meu corpo. Não sinto calor enquanto sou viscoso e amargo. Preciso de ti para usufruir do meu prazer, preciso de ti, meu prazeroso paraíso. Aqui, aí, ali, minha deusa em forma humana, que me rasga as veias, que me trata como um senhor de terras bem pagas e ricas, que me dá a beber o seu prazer, que me dá a comer os seus lábios. Sou tratado como mereço, bem ou mal, eu não te esqueço.
O que é isso, princesa? Olhos tão vazios que observo em ti. Vejo uma mágoa demasiado profunda para que não se note a quem passa sem atenção, sem cuidado, sem coração aberto para uma pequena pétala como tu, retirada da rosa mais glamorosa de todo o campo de flores, esquecidas na eternidade. Sinto uma presença especial. Sinto-te a ti, meu anjo negro, que tens o meu coração para todo o sempre, mesmo que este não exista.


segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Dearest Passion

I am on the pursuit of unknown success and poet insight, with my bare hands and awful veins, my pleasurable ink is waiting for my thoughts. The thoughts who create art and salvation for my dearest, loved lady. Good or bad, I am a poet, a careless and imprudent writer. The clueless minds of this land have fallen miserably, and I have achieved great knowledge. I have wrote their births, their lives and their deaths. Unfortunately, I am yet to find the key to describe their souls, their empty, dark and lonely souls. I am the arrival of the new era, and hopefully you will look back and think how much I have done for my happiness, or undeniable depression. Greatness will find me joy, therefore I will offer passion, heat and love to my nearest. When I pass away, someone will cry in dire pain, and I will enjoy it...cruelly.
Poor hearts, poor minds, poor mouths. Go away, I do not want to see people, I do not wish to know someone who likes me, however, what I need the most, what I desire the most, is love. It is your love, my precious baby, growing old with me. I want to steal your grown love and store it inside my body. It will not escape and I will be happily thankful for such extraordinary devotion to my person.
Please, will you not go away, dear? Do not go, I am your soul, inside your heart.


sábado, 21 de julho de 2012

Broken Walls

My walls are falling in
They no longer let me win
I've been left out to die
I never want to say goodbye
I felt so miserable at the time
And I'm afraid that I'll never climb

The walls became a disease
I want my mind to freeze

My time is running out
There isn't any doubt
I feel the world is too ill
We'll just make another kill
Self destroy
I think I have my will
Inside the little box
My soul does the talks

The walls became a disease
I want my mind to freeze
My pain was left to ease


quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Caress of Depression

They're out there smiling,
Making fun of someone crying,
That's when I warned them,
Hypocritical group, I'll condemn,
With the palm of my hands,
My skin will show the way she stands.

Concerned about a painkiller,
That won't arrive before my thriller,
I need something new to use,
Something foreign to abuse,
To release my frustration,
And enjoy the alteration,
Of my dark and heavy load,
It appears that my mind has been slowed.

I hear a sinister sound inside my head,
I looked into the mirror, I thought I was dead,
Someone tried to save me from depression,
She feels pity that it became a succession,
Which is only stopped by her eyes,
By the glance of her deep skies,
I'm glad to scream, I'm glad she's wise.

I'm not even near the healthy sanity,
I'm not far away from insanity.
Oh, she looks and waves,
I run away from the history slaves,
I cleaned for once their dark graves,
Proud of an ancient spell,
My soul wishes to be well,
I'm trapped in the ground of hell.

They keep dragging me,
They keep laughing at me,
The rooms are closing in,
The bodies are diving in,
A pool of death and slaughter,
A poison intoxicates their water.
I'm on a roll now having fun,
You can't catch me now, run!
They keep believing they've won,
Lads, hey, lads, I'm not done!


Hey Miss

I've got some visits in my house
My hair is bigger now
Someone told me I could be out
But I prefer to be loud
Here inside, I'm not proud

I miss myself, I don't wanna be here
I miss a thing, I don't wanna be me

No one here understands a word
I speak and I find the world
I'm better when I'm shut
I'm better when I cut
My own voice
My own voice
My own voice

I miss myself, I don't wanna be here
I miss a thing, I don't wanna be me
I miss, I miss, I miss, hey Miss

Kiss me before I cry
When I cry kiss me, Miss
Do you miss me
Young and innocent
My Miss


terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Soulful To Painful

Continue to push my rotten soul,
To the limits of my passionate role,
Insanity has built a fortress inside,
Honey, I'll always be by your side.

The mental state is not well,
Ways of living have turned into hell,
You feel so confused with yourself,
Something strange brought suicide by itself.

You have tried it through multiple ways,
You just sat there dying through days,
When a special person came by,
He would heal you, he would try,
And for you, he will make your pain die.

Everything seems corrupted and blind,
The gaze has been conducted by the mind.
You try to love like you've been told,
I'll always need your heart to hold.

Sometimes we feel it's not the same,
You think and say you're not sane,
We don't need any outsider's pity,
All we need is a soulful committee.
This is incredibly painful,
My mind became strangely baneful.


Linger Through Eternity

My dear person, your life shall linger among the shadows and the decaying grounds, that penetrate your body and then your soul, with a slow bitterness founded by the Great Elders of your joyful, yet lonely home. While your footsteps become a vicious and nightly burden, while you build an unrealistic and strange life to give your heart a new chance, the dawn begins to cease, the nightfall turns into permanent darkness, however, you can still see the light, the people, the undesirable creatures that lived in the ancient world many long years ago. You are about to foresee the nature's pain, the roots that once made us who we are, the leafs that gave us all of eternity. But your knowledge finally realizes that our, ironically, humble society, is a burden for freedom. We are a locked and death burden.
Your life must linger, my dear person. You must heal the pain, the thriving pain, dramatically poisoning our souls. Our life should linger, my dear lady...
Here, with me, in this sicken world, you will dwell.


segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Undeniable Feelings

All the clouds have turned grey
All my feelings seem to flush away
She says
Our hearts full of haze
Lost my mind
Or is it a phase

They love us, they hurt us
This is such an open stress
She hurts me, she loves me
I'm such a real mess
Don't you fucking see
I'm on my knee

I'm asking for salvation
You feed my frustration
And yeah
Yeah, don't feed me

You know I'm gonna fall
Walking against the wall
I ain't gonna handle it
When you talk about split
I ain't gonna handle it

And if you please
Take me off of this
And this dark breeze
It's gonna make my heart freeze


Box of Fake Wonders

I give myself a meaning
To keep on deeming
I lack too self esteem
I need my mind to scream
I want no one to deem

My hands are soaking
And my blood is choking

My life is a burden
I feel my thoughts are caged
Sometimes I wish I never aged
My strength has leaked
And if I'm really here
Make myself to hear

My hands are soaking
And my blood is choking
Oh, oh


domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Someone In the Lake

I think her mom kinda likes me
I don't need a house to live
She needs a new place to breath
Broken thoughts are the new breed
She went to the beach with two friends
The road she took had many blends
Well, I'm the sea I have my tends

Oh, wait
Someone in the lake

I'm a dirty little duck with no regrets
Make no mistakes, that's all the bird gets
She pushes me away
I'm a loner so I beg her to stay

Oh, wait
There's someone
In the lake

I burned my legs
She screams and begs
But baby wait
Let me cook these eggs

Running in
Show me your breasts
I have some tests to do
You're free of any pests

There's someone
In the lake
In the lake

Having babies!


sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Diamond Lady

You, Diamond Lady, with the shape of nature in your birth sign, I love you, do you know? I seek butterflies and mushrooms in your marvelous hair, with a slim touch and flavor of snakes and birds. I watch the stars fall from the shiny sky, from the moonlight who calls from above; I see you there, calling my name and pleading for my colorful aid. And in that particular moment, your eyes are brighter than our plants, animals and mother's leafs; your eyes are, eternally, precious.
The heavens dine together with a bittersweet wine withdrawn from our beautiful, pink grapes, the clouds share a messy place, yet a wonderful meal along the drops of water below our feet. We are high above. You, my Diamond Lady. You are incredibly passionate about the lack of wind and trumpets that used to echo in your dreams. You are, silently, in love. And that touches my heart in just a minor time lapse, a miraculous moment which is enough to induce that powerful and magic powder you wear on your lips; «kiss me», she said. And I did so.
I remember when you created my world. I could say the most unrealistic, but yet astonishing things to yourself. I still can; drinking warm milk and tea, that gives me a peaceful sense of what life is. I am not totally broken nor am I completely bounded to the limits of eternity. I worship your presence, and the fire surrounding your nude body, warming your bare birth, is all I care about. The heat in your heart is all I care about.
«Oh, sweet, sweet little thing, you have told the ancients about my findings. The findings who made my anatomy a much more lighten Earth», I told her. She lied down her head on those pure and white sheets, they were absolutely covered in dirt, grass and rabbits. Those were my findings; her pure and sane personality. Her skin smelled so good, I could almost feel her veins running through my inner soul. The Diamond Lady taught me how to survive, and then how to live. The Diamond Lady is my lady; my companion, my door to paradise. She's of the psychedelic kind, which I love and desire. We stood there, both naked, protecting each other, feeling the nature under our skins, and being as one; as one brilliant, beautiful and natural forest.


quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012

Anymore is Eternal

The night is dark, my spirit rises through danger,
Mirrors are tainted in pain, the blood from the stranger,
The call from my dear, I see the lines of reality,
The lights from another room, the emotional brutality.

I don't want this anymore,
I don't want this anymore,
I feel the painful sore,
Stop it, I don't want to feel it anymore.

I'm hanged by the passion, if you touch my hands,
You will feel a pure relation, if I stay in your plans.
Someone who brought me happiness,
Brought me everything and incurable sadness.

The light of my heart is fading through days,
Shining from the bottom, this is not just a phase.
She told me it would sincerely remain,
I don't think I could ever sustain.

Stop it, I don't want this anymore.
No more, a long sore.
I don't want this anymore,
I don't want this anymore,
I can't take much more,
But I will stay furthermore.


quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Tearing My Friend Apart

You feel that you are broken,
Your mind is a beautiful token,
Of your naive heart,
Surviving with unrealistic art.

He does not deserve you,
You're tearing your soul,
I'm telling you I always knew,
This is not your desirable whole.

Well, did you see him there?
Those tears are carrying you on,
He's rarely showing himself, that's not fair.
Would he hug you if he saw you at the dawn,
Are those the lines that you have drawn,
To take all of the blame?
You do not deserve the same,
Please, do not feel any shame.

My angry voice seems to be clear,
I clearly know the sound of your tear.
I wish he felt the same despise,
I wish he saw the same dark skies.


terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Oppressed Throat

Blood spilled to the floor,
Strangers in front of the door,
Murdered against the wall,
Forced my hands to crawl,
My reactions stood silent,
All of my fears declared violent,
A room that I never wrote,
I was thinking about her quote,
Hang the man by the throat!

She observes the humans in disgrace,
Her cold mind freezes the space,
I stare at myself questioning,
Who was she threatening?

Absolutely fascinated with death,
She has been living out of breath.
Since I've been depressed,
My illusions have been guessed.

This distance is unreal,
The illusion of passion is the heal,
Our broken bodies aren't here,
My oppression will not disappear.

Float a tension in the air,
My joyful person was never there,
Now I have a repressed mind,
Now I'm terribly unkind.


Waiting For You

Whenever you feel down
Get off your room
Whenever I feel sad
Don't feel bad
'Cause I'm a nympho
Don't be upset at me
All I need is to agree
Before it burns my sea

It's a bad habit, but I feel good
I'm so lame it feels so rude
I feel annoying, I feel stupid
I'm in love, I'm the cupid
My ideal is to be great
But today there's some things
Well, that I hate
Wait, is that my clinging fate
My heart is burning
My mind is learning

I'm wanting and waiting
I'm wanting and waiting

She says I'm to sacrifice
I'm the type of trying
I'm the type of crying
I feel I have no reason
To doubt my wounds
I'm out of the season

She don't feel my mood
Sometimes I sing a nude
She won't lead my way
I'll have to be away
For some time

I'm waiting and wanting
I'm waiting and wanting

I got some glue
I'll tape my fingers
I find myself in a queue
And externally

I'm wanting
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you


segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Hey, I have a knife for my heart

When I try to blink
I always tend to sink
In your broken wing
I always tend to sing

My life
Your life
My wife
I have a knife

You laugh and scream
Let me live your dream
Steal a gun from a store
All I write has no sore
I wasn't well before


She says I'm pretty
I think I feel self pity
I'm not even witty
I want to sing a little ditty

My wife
My life
Your life
I have a knife
For my heart


sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Not Resilient

Why do I feel like a mess?
It makes me sad that I'm like the rest,
I hope I'm not just an electrical light,
Don't think you can always be right.

Meaningless and provoked,
The trail has been soaked,
My conscience is a loner,
Inside a pain donor.

I try to be brilliant, I try to be brilliant,
But I'm not a resilient, I'm not a resilient.

Oh for long I've been sealed,
This delusional mind will never be healed,
The sounds of broken eternity,
They echo in my own modernity.

I'm not a resilient, I'm not a resilient,
When I try to be brilliant, when I try to be brilliant.

Please, call me to your side,
I'll sustain your heart and abide.
You've got all my truth,
I run from myself, do I have to soothe?

No longer extinct,
My thoughts are always distinct,
I may not be someone's hater,
But I'll haunt you sometime later.


sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012


I found a road just ahead of me,
I've led the mystery to a mourning sea,
This is the pain you want me to take,
Can I go on without any mistake?

I know that you don't do it on purpose,
Maybe you don't realize, I suppose.

Each day that passes in accretion,
I can sense my undeniable depletion,
In every corner of my eternal frustration,
I always find my newest screaming creation.

I'm not a violent human being,
Instead of crying, I wish I was feeling,
All of my conscience has been broken,
I would kill my foreign mind to be spoken.

I know that you don't do it on purpose,
Maybe you don't realize, I suppose.

On the sidewalk, I would always slide,
I took my restless thoughts and I cried,
I try to be miserably creative with a word,
But my pleading voice is terribly unheard.


quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2012

Escuridão Sem Fim

Caminhos negros de emoção,
Que nos aumentam a atenção,
As minhas mãos escrevem,
Os teus olhos se perdem.

Mágoas alusivas à decadência,
És alimentada por indecência,
Porque não me fechas a mente
E me deixas permanecer inconsciente?

Peço desculpa por me sentir assim,
Mas não temes também um fim?
Peço desculpa por me sentir ruim.

Serão aqueles os gritos que ecoam na minha alma,
Que me obrigam a ser um recluso sem calma?
Atiram o meu corpo fora,
Enterram a minha sanidade em péssima hora.

Continua a puxar-me, continua a ser perfeita,
Magoa-me como te ensinei, sê eleita,
Sê tudo o que pretendes ser,
Continua a errar e deixa o meu dia escurecer.

Peço desculpa por ser ruim,
Peço desculpa por me sentir assim.


terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Blue Thing with Green Ingredients

Through wondering seas
Magnifying leather pants
Instantly blurred mirrors
See a colorful bag of hands
Mind wanders inside a sealed universe
These sounds haven't written any verse
Trumpets and unrealistic birds
They shine peacefully, appear in words
Thousand tears by the nature
Footsteps in your garden, you weird creature

I am hearing voices from the outside
Are they drugs that I've never tried?
My child, you have never lied
To plants that always cried

Regained a seed from the wind
Acquired a stick from the woods
Wish I had some powerful goods
Those hands were too harsh to grind
A fairyland to never find
A human being never kind

And with a bittersweet state of mind
She had high levels of grace
Her body was the creation of a psychedelic race


segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012


The entire body is an extinction,
We all have the fear of illusion,
They carry on without any solution,
For too long, have we found any absolution?

Bloodless skins form a new tainted world,
Believe me when I'm afraid of the cold,
Let me treat you the way I've been told,
I need your body, so I can have something real to hold.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity

I have shed too many tears already,
The truth is, I've never been mentally steady,
Sometimes I feel the pain in my hands,
Run from a soul who is lost in heavy lands,
I wish you were here, you would feel me now,
Do not fear your well being, do not make a vow,
I'm a strange person, a really needy one,
But I do no harm, unless you give me a gun.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity

Free will is nowhere to be seen,
I have found someone really lovely,
She's incredibly haunting, where has she been?
Though my heart is so ugly,
My soul struggles the nights in vein,
These eyes are as dark as my room,
I feel an unconscious wealthy pain,
There's an empty space, maybe it is my gloom.

Insanity has been warned,
My brain has been called,
The levels of indescribable personality are too high,
I wish I have never felt my mind overly shy.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity


I Am Perfect Death

I am perfect
For unwanted things
Underneath dying corpses
I am perfect
For everyone
But sometimes I feel cold
Inside a world
Drawing pure sadness
Cigarettes burn to the air
Hands are filled with water
Spit naughtiness from your breath
Ejaculate unused thoughts
Restrain a life of blankness
Selective and painful blankness.

I am death
I am loneliness without an arm
Foul without art
I exist in no heart
Leader without the sea
Psychotic men don't see
Fear on a rainy night, don't treat.


Memories Are Only Mad

I remember when we're all talking to each other
Back in those days we'd spend the nights better
There was a campfire, I was all lonely in the dark
Then you came along and in the beginning
I just thought, won't she come someday with me to the park?

And memories are bad
Memories are good when they ain't sad
Memories, memories are only mad

The love she shows, oh sometimes
Sometimes it hurts the way she rhymes
But deep inside I know how she feels
She never wears strange high heels
I call her baby, but she's so confused
I'm not wrong and she's emotionally bruised

And memories are bad
Memories are good when they ain't sad
Memories, memories are only mad

You seem so little in your corner
Come out, I don't wanna be a mourner
When some darkness comes into play
It's not a game anymore, it's your own same way
I need to find your happiness to buy you a key
You can unlock it anytime you want
But don't let this image here to haunt

Memories are bad
Memories are good when they ain't sad
Memories, memories are only mad

And I am just an ordinary lad
I hope I can be your children's dad
One day


sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

Would you keep my heart inside a box?

If you had my heart in your hand,
literally my heart in your hand,
would you keep it in a jar?
Inside a box?

It doesn't feel good at all,
when my love is taken away from me,
when all my dreams fall,
it doesn't feel nothing to be

My stomach hurts too deep,
shouldn't I eat my heart?
It's not a need, so long being a creep,
it all feels like falling apart.

I can taste these veins,
there is this time that comes,
when I wish my heart to be in flames,
I just want you to realize, I'm not speaking in tongues.

If you do not forget,
please let me burn,
let me go in ashes which do not affect
no one else's urn.

Just go and come,
don't leave if you have to choose,
don't let me remain numb,
you know, you're all I have to lose.


quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Unconscious Hang But Alright

There's a cloud in the air
She takes away my breath
Curses my own step
Show me our depth
Tell me already, what's left

The collar has been broken
My heart has been opened

Do you torture me
Like this

I'm completely falling down
Capture me before I drown
My face sucked in the ground
Oh, turn on the sound

People fake their own nature
I lay down before it's feature
Feeling stupid and unconscious
Treat me a little dumb
And if you're me
Just be neat

Do you torture me
Like this

Follow the hang
In my hand
If I'm right
If I'm right
I'm not alright

Not ready
Not ready
Oh, not ready
Don't you leave
Don't leave me
Or I lie


sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Baby Tone

All my knees
All there is
All your tears
All my fears
Heal them now
Kill them now
Breath him out
Shoot me loud
Feel a hand
In your fore
In your head
Don't be dead

I'm here
I'm here
I'm here
I'm there

Holy lair
Choose the pair
Suck me dry
Don't cry
Let us laugh
Let me care
Oh, the night
Feels so right
And do it bright
This time

All my pain
All my pain
Feels like rain
Like a rock
On a sock
Heavy lot
Your dark
You're not
You're not

I'm not
I'm not
Baby tone
Grab your phone
Pickup your own

I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
Your tears


New Wave Hell

Car crashes, road lifts our bodies
Dark moon falls near the alley
Keys locked in the door
House burning floor
Dirty flirty shoes on the move
Light a cigarette, smoke dries
Our superstitious lungs
Cure our little stupid wounds
Kisses to the air
Are we breathing inside our own lair?

Oxygen is a birth disease
Poison gas from a leak
Why do the humans live
Inside the beautiful Earth
Shouldn't they all die before dirt
Nature is a new born work
From a tiny creepy shell
We're the new wave hell

Burn all the fire
Dry all the water
There is no sense in dying
Unless your life is based on


quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Fake Absolution

Death and deep pain inside my head
Comma would be a solution
If I were an absolution
Tearing the blankets of my bed

Mixed emotions and cold brain
My mind is beautifully numb
My heart is a pouring rain
You and your misery; they succumb

Rescue me; you don't ask me
Let me be; do not wish
Realize myself, with thee
I'm just a cold sea fish

And for so long
To you, I will belong


quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

Eternity Is Forgotten

Waterfalls free the innocence
Landscapes from heaven
Lifting your highness
In a jar full of sickness
Birthing, filthy nature
A new creature

A smooth sound collides the solid ground
Peaceful track, collapses in my ears
Violins formed a new bound
Voices reached thousands of tears

Noises untied our breaths
Chains stole our deaths
Aggressive change to a slight
Making of angel's sight

Explored unclean fields
Waters of a beautiful swamp
Who would dare to cross
A foretold loss?

The old plants have been forgotten
Collected seeds meant death
The leafs of eternity have rotten
Was there any meaningful breath
At all?


There is no control (inside of me)

Will you believe in me
When I say there's no one else
To live for
But you?

The world is too cruel
To ever live without you
And your soul, heart and mind
Sometimes I get deeply blind
But I don't mean to be hurtful
I'm just a love fool

If you need me
I will need you
Even if you don't
I will love you, baby
Love you
Love you

I'm so sorry
'm just an idiot with no self-control
I'm sorry
'm just a broken creep
My heart is always so deep
When it's about you, baby
Baby, when it's about you...

No control
No self-control
I may be lost in the shores
Of my own mind
I lose control, baby
I lose...

And if you need me
I will need you
Even if you don't
I will love you
Love you



Get out of your room
There's too much rotting death
Inside your body, eternal loom
Unknown road, dying breath

Walls of your nightmare
Tear the world apart
Shout out, show me the flair
Where is the love in art?


segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

Nothing Here

No rooftop, rain and thunderstorms
Shouting and smiling
Drowning and then breathing
Fleeing for a way of living
The sea is upside down
Underwater birth

Nothing is here
Ruin like walls falling apart
Ashes burning and minds tearing

Cold coat, body freezing
Eyes twist, face-stroke
No candles in the room
Lay down for a new doom
Endorse my love, I'm your man
Voices are fooling, but I'm your man

That day you're born, stars are falling
Feeling a bit of crisp and suicidal water
Between us, lots of laughter
Arms moving, no ending
Hearts crawling and bounding
You're loving your man and nothing is here
But I'm your man in the cold weather

Nothing is here
Ruin like walls falling apart
Ashes burning and minds tearing

Thoughts are broken and awful
Feelings inside a burning flame
Eternally us the same

Nothing is here
Ruin like walls falling apart
Ashes burning and minds tearing


domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Meu próprio mal

Se por algum momento não te desejei,
Não fui real,
Fui apenas algo que não imaginei,
Fui o meu próprio mal.

Navios em mares que nunca desejei,
Pensamentos que a ti expeli,
Tuas palavras, eu temi,
E me afoguei...
Em lágrimas invisíveis,
E me matei...
Em sonhos irresistíveis...


sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Sicken Brain

From the opening light,
their sadness brought a bitter breeze
and the ashes fall asleep every time we breath,
thus I never felt happiness.

Stumbled on my own decay,
shook my life away,
our whole world had no faith,
but I seek a breathless voice followed by hunger eyes,
and the mind falls, to sight.

Of a land so broken,
her hand has untold the sore flame,
from the night that crawls in vain,
from nothing whom became a stranger,
there is a sicken brain.

The eyes miss your lonely breathing,
my ugly face is a pouring lie,
was I born with a soul,
should we be the cure foretold?

And when the wind blows,
our faces are perfectly dry,
our late nights...die.


quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

I believe you're real

I believe
You're a need
Can I feed
Your keep
Make a deal
This so real

I feel
I feel
Your fear
I feel
Your fear

These hormones
Have a meal
Give them bones
Find the zones
Where I hide
The loans
Won't find
What my soul
Ever owns

Soothe the load
Walk the road
Sold my eyes
To a homeless
Little crack
But you don't know
Should I tell you
He's back

I feel
I feel
Your fear
I feel
Your fear

She's so horny
I'm so blind
Can't you see
I'm lying
Not telling
The whole truth
'Cause all I know
Is how to fool

About to be
Really horny
She's not
But I am
Feeling naughty

I am
I am
I am
In silence

I feel
You're real


quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

A vida não é tão triste, afinal

A vida é triste.
A vida é triste quando acordamos,
quando saímos da nossa cama,
quando tomamos banho e,
quando saímos rapidamente da nossa casa,
para que não cheguemos atrasados
em comparação aos horários,
que nos foram entregues,
que supostamente devemos cumprir.
Mas os horários são incompetentes.
Quem os cria nunca se deparou realmente
com a liberdade
simplesmente pura.
Ficamos cansados,
sem energia para nada,
sem voz para reclamar o que é nosso por direito,
e depois sentimos ódio,
apenas porque um horário nos controla o dia,
apenas por o raio de um estúpido horário!
E acabamos por nem reparar que
estamos completamente nus e entregues à sociedade,
porque não houve tempo para vestir roupa,
ou até comprá-la!

A vida é triste porque
nos sentamos no sofá da sala,
a passarmos os canais que mais gostamos,
a vermos os nossos programas preferidos,
e a nossa atenção,
foca-se apenas nesses pequenos
ou longos momentos.
E de seguida temos a necessidade de nos alimentarmos,
ou apenas o desejo de sentir o nosso estômago cheio,
ou apenas porque a vida é assim,
repleta de desejos precisos.

A vida é triste porque temos tudo,
mas não sentimos nada.
A vida é triste porque nós próprios
somos tristes.
A humanidade é triste,
mas o mundo sempre foi feliz,
apenas sem felicidade abundante.

E a vida é tão triste porque nascemos
e passamos a vida inteira a refilar,
com tudo,
com todos,
até que nos tornamos realmente
uma tristeza de vida.

Afinal a vida não é assim tão triste,
nós é que a tornamos infeliz.
Com as nossas incertezas,
com as nossas falsas esperanças
e com as nossas palavras
sem atitude.


domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Wide open chitterlings and smoked up lungs

How I found this head up here
Feeling numb like a broken wing
She lays me down on my grave
Forever got myself a sting
Imagine me all alone inside
Forgive me for my only ride

No, ohhh ohhh
No, back down
Back down
They were feeling so down

Floats underwater, dry
Chitterlings on the floor
No one to go that way
Rape the unwanted, decay
Follow me, I'm full of mistakes

Stomach pain killing sight
Smoked up soothing lungs, won't fight
All along the breathing lies
They said no more cries

No, ohhh ohhh
No, back down
Back down
They were feeling so down

Two sicken holes and none
Alive, couldn't they hide the gun


sábado, 9 de junho de 2012

Run, My Love

Queen of shadows, for I you shall be
princess of my heart,
soldier of my soul and for thee,
my feet will break apart.
Sore and whip,
she loved to steal
and she hated to sleep,
until she realized it was real.
Fellow blood be spilled,
do you wish to feel,
do you want her killed
or do I choose our meal?
Loneliness seeks in me
what no one could reach,
but she all wanted to see,
then myself had to leach.

Love of me, you are powerful,
you are beautiful.
Hate from me because they are nothing
and let me in, I am rotting.
But can you see the inside source?
I'm dictating a psycho's mind,
I'm teaching myself a maniac's course,
because someone from the outside is indeed blind.
Though I forgot my solution,
my slave you must learn,
unless this is an illusion,
your grave you must earn.
Little corpse over there,
may I have your remains?
I'm asking you nicely while you stare,
please let me love with those chains.
Nothing I study,
everything I remember,
my thoughts are bloody
and with my words, I surrender.

There is a garden downstairs,
there is all below
and there are some blooms.
Unfortunately there is a crow,
which with desire it forever dooms.
Raised from the living,
the death is here,
there is no breathing,
until we all tear.
Run my love
and ache while you can,
because when they get you,
the road shall be of span
and we'll just be few.
On my bed, my angel I foresee
the guardian of my soul,
the keeper of my heart, my sea
and for many long years, my whole.
We can tell now; the light is free.


sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

Inocência da Imaginação

O meu mundo cai por si
Nestas ruas sem fim,
E o mundo cai,
Porque permanece uma escuridão
Sem coração.

Passeios nas margens do rio,
Ultrajes e cabeças por um fio,
Seus trastes, seu trio,
Que caminhavam simplesmente ao frio.
E arrastam-se sem preocupação,
Como se o mundo fosse deles,
Como se as noites fossem eternas
E as manhãs tão reles.
Perguntam ainda que horas são;
Ao qual ninguém responde:
São horas em vão!
É óbvio que depois ficam fulos,
Ficam perdidos e nostálgicos,
Ficam sem nada que lhes lembre
Onde estavam há 8 horas atrás.
Então um amigo nos diz:
Não tens noção!
Não tens reacção para nada!
Talvez fosse melhor estar calado,
Mas enfureces-me com essa tua irresponsabilidade!
E realmente este amigo até tem razão.
Afinal sou apenas um infortunado
E desleixado.
Sou como algo antigo;
Outrora usado.
Parece-me que no fim disto tudo,
Eu é que sou aquele amigo,
Que faz parte daquele grupo,
Cuja localização de há 8 horas atrás
É desconhecida.

Passam-se tempos eternos,
Pessoas falsas e verdadeiras,
Batimentos cardíacos que lutam por um lugar no mundo,
Amigos e namorados,
Enfeites e casados,
Todos somos arrastados
Por um enorme episódio das nossas vidas,
Como o que eu descrevi há pouco,
Com palavras tão queridas.


quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Feel So Hungry

I'm so hungry
She's so happy
Breath me now
Do a bow
I'll give you a flower
You'll drawn it in the shower
I'll ask you how
You tell me loud
Not enough

Feel so happy
I feel so happy
You're so happy
We're so happy

I'm so hungry
There's some food
Do I like it
Not a clue
Let me chew
It's so true
Sometimes I'm not in the mood
'Cause there's a flood
In my mind
I'm so rude

Feel so happy
I feel so happy
We're so happy
So happy
We're so floppy
And really sappy

I'm so hungry
But there's no remedy
There's a melody inside
Would you be my pride
Stacked up there
Would you come out
And let them stare
Just a bit doesn't seem fair
Let it out
I don't care

Really sloppy
I feel
Really sloppy
I crave you
Really happy
Just happy


terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Hurt From The Rake

No one sees her wish
No one says a thing
She's back from the mist
She pulls me off to cling
Remains no living lake
She silences her word to take
Won't she deserve a break

Hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake
She's hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake

No mind can cease her pain
Drag her off the chain
Should be a bird on the rain
Inside her brain
She's vain

Hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake
She's hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake

She sinks
But to me she blinks