terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Waiting For You

Whenever you feel down
Get off your room
Whenever I feel sad
Don't feel bad
'Cause I'm a nympho
Don't be upset at me
All I need is to agree
Before it burns my sea

It's a bad habit, but I feel good
I'm so lame it feels so rude
I feel annoying, I feel stupid
I'm in love, I'm the cupid
My ideal is to be great
But today there's some things
Well, that I hate
Wait, is that my clinging fate
My heart is burning
My mind is learning

I'm wanting and waiting
I'm wanting and waiting

She says I'm to sacrifice
I'm the type of trying
I'm the type of crying
I feel I have no reason
To doubt my wounds
I'm out of the season

She don't feel my mood
Sometimes I sing a nude
She won't lead my way
I'll have to be away
For some time

I'm waiting and wanting
I'm waiting and wanting

I got some glue
I'll tape my fingers
I find myself in a queue
And externally

I'm wanting
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you


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