segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012


The entire body is an extinction,
We all have the fear of illusion,
They carry on without any solution,
For too long, have we found any absolution?

Bloodless skins form a new tainted world,
Believe me when I'm afraid of the cold,
Let me treat you the way I've been told,
I need your body, so I can have something real to hold.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity

I have shed too many tears already,
The truth is, I've never been mentally steady,
Sometimes I feel the pain in my hands,
Run from a soul who is lost in heavy lands,
I wish you were here, you would feel me now,
Do not fear your well being, do not make a vow,
I'm a strange person, a really needy one,
But I do no harm, unless you give me a gun.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity

Free will is nowhere to be seen,
I have found someone really lovely,
She's incredibly haunting, where has she been?
Though my heart is so ugly,
My soul struggles the nights in vein,
These eyes are as dark as my room,
I feel an unconscious wealthy pain,
There's an empty space, maybe it is my gloom.

Insanity has been warned,
My brain has been called,
The levels of indescribable personality are too high,
I wish I have never felt my mind overly shy.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity


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