quinta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2012

Cold Dimension

The laughter face
Surrounds itself
The deceitful eyes
Dry out
Until the late cries come out
Illusion on the corner
I'm only something physic
And they try to call me
But I refuse to turn realistic
Living in the cold dimension
In the cold

Walking on the stone
The pavement burns my body
My skin as cold as it is
From underneath the steel
To the top of my mind
I can only become real
Ordinary and paralyzed
Flesh ripped off my hands
Haunted blood
The nonexistent days
The desire is too much
Everyone is gone

There is only me
Living in the cold dimension
And everyone is gone
To the nonexistent days
And I could find the joy
The perfect world


segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012


Crossing the lines of hell
Trying to fade away
My skin feels cold
Heartless thief
Mourns my death
Slow, old breath
My eyes are blind
It's too much time far from you
The surrounding sounds are inaudible
It's too much time without hearing you
And your voice
That always warms my heart
And clears my mind
From cheating myself
Solely to the purpose of hurting myself
Because I can't seem to reach you

Don't fall
Don't fall beneath my heart
It would be my death
Stand tall
Stand tall staring at my eyes
It can be our moment
Anytime you want

Wounds from the inside
Once they had you
No more
When my love for you is eternal
When the moments felt better than anything

Still makes you lie on the ground
That pain needs to be buried

You can overcome your battles
But don't do it alone
Otherwise I'd be left
All alone and beaten
By the threatening sorrow
With nowhere to go
But to you

You're my only escape
My only joy
And the only precious heart and mind
That I will ever understand and want
Is yours
Close to mine

Give me a sign
Let me hear your voice
I'm getting lost over here
Let me hear it
Your slow breathing
Let me cherish your words again

No one else but you knows
The truth in my words
Reflected in actions
Prospered in the heat of our hearts
And will it be today?
The taste of your voice
Inside my soul
Filling my whole


quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012

Sociedade Restrita

Livros incinerados
Páginas ensanguentadas
Completam as frases insuportáveis
Daqueles que nos julgam
Destemido falso poder alimentado de risos exteriores
E a raiva emerge nos interiores
Da nossa alma
E guia-nos à loucura perturbadora
Miseravelmente sangrando
Toda a nossa sanidade
Em torno da corrupção da pura felicidade

Eternamente, prometo-te a salvação
E o meu pobre coração
Tão quebrado
Mas não tão quebrado como tu, meu amor
Nem como a tua bondade
E não tão frio como a agonia e tristeza
Que nestes momentos, muito infelizmente, vivem em ti
Mas ofereço-te o bom que há em mim
Aliás, o melhor
Porque mereces o perfeito julgamento
E não um de mentes vendadas
E muito menos um julgamento feito por quem não nos compreende
Ou por quem recusa ignorantemente
Apreciar a nossa arte literária e emocional
Nesta sociedade restrita

Todos os toques de serenidade nos mantêm juntos
Numa única realidade
O pensamento é comum
O sentimento é eterno
E assim permanecemos
Sem o desvanecimento dito
Sem o perecimento da alma

Cinzas provenientes de tragédias serão superadas
Continuamos para além dos próximos
Para além do que temos
Ou do que sonhámos no passado
Para que os livros incinerados
E as páginas ensanguentadas
Não tenham caído em vão
E no esquecimento
Sem retorno

Ricardo Rodrigues

terça-feira, 20 de novembro de 2012

Mirth (I give to you)

You're too broken today
But I'll follow
Soon that pain will be thrown away
To the pits of sorrow
I'll teach you how to live once more
The agony must rest in the hollow
It won't enslave you anymore

And there the clouds shake
In tones of dark blue
While I'm here trying to keep you awake
To remind you of my dedication
To you
And I'll remain to be your salvation
Truly eternal

The words that you want to shout
Are they worthy of hearing them?
You want to be saved alone
Hatred has grown
I hope my love to be still enough
Because every wounded memory
Are making your tears feel really rough

Jealous minds that you see everyday
Clueless population won't even reach halfway
Their hearts are empty
And their lies are plenty
But my dear, don't breakdown
They're just too many clowns

We must be stronger than Earth
And in little time
You'll finally feel mirth
With me and the perfect way we rhyme


quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2012

Warm Mouth

I remember knowing myself
The birds sang with me everyday
Deadly crows in the corner
Dying to feed me with their darkness
I can feel their diseased heads
And the outside shows nothing
When I can hide some despair

The mind is my betrayal
And the bodies burned
Flesh sliced
Little hearts
Ashes wander the fields
And the swamps are filled
And the cities are empty
The women and the men
Fell forever

A very warm mouth returns
To build everything
That was destroyed by self-guilt
Near the dead waters
Where my own crows lived
And then died
Along with my colds
And my lonely breath

Ricardo Rodrigues

quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

Quiet Dimensions

A newborn poet
Who circles my mind
Who browses the pages of my book
Learning my eyes
Foiling the truth
Hidden inside the lies
Of an ancient land
And a very cold hand
Warms up my heart
And sells it in parts
To save the world
To kill all the evil
It will make me die
And all the good nature
Will survive

Perfect surrounding environment
I'm alive
Someone who walks
Everyone talks
I worship you
And I hate your blindness
The noise is making me feel ill
Is it inside my head?
Is it because I may be dead?
Or is it just the strangers talking about me?

Desire to crawl for my dreams
But the strength leaks
The times of today are young
But I find myself dramatically old
Inside my thoughts
Beneath the extended joys
The trembling laughs

I walk with you
In a lonely path
To reach and to see
My soul coming back with something
Happiness or delusion
Needed or desired
All of them are right and wrong
Forming emotions on paper
Visual modification

Ricardo Rodrigues

segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Fly Away

Had my identity stolen
My mind turned out to be swollen
Eyes closed, it's time to depart
This place is too far from my heart

Yelling at my own face
Tiring pain that remains to chase me
And if you could save someone
Would I be the one?

I'm gonna leave my enemies
I'm done with my so called friends
Why should I care?
They were never there

If you think I'm lost inside
Then tell me after I've cried
Only you must know what I need
Your love or I shall bleed

Try to bring me peaceful joy again
I'll forget everything that makes me drain
My time here
Their lies I can hear

Who's there to fear for me?
This is my only plea
I'm almost finished and I would die to live
But I want to know, what can I give?

Too many people are over themselves
They judge me and make me doubt myself
What if I'm really wrong?
What if I'm afraid to stay strong?


sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Once More

I've never been trapped like this
Hidden thoughts create my doubts
Who's there to let me live
I've always wanted to leave
I don't know if I can go
But I'm sure the time will flow
Once more

End of the day and the wind on my face
I realize that my strength has gone to another place
Missing or eternally gone, I'm afraid to ask
I wish I could put on someone else's mask
Once more

The dreams love to lash my mind
Will you kill me when I'm blind
So you can spare me the joyful vision
Of my ignorant indecision
Once more

Looking at myself and staring emotionless
Daydreaming what can't be solved
Trying to run away from who can't be dissolved
They'll try to catch me before I know
But their hearts tend to feel too slow

And will you let me remain your whole
Don't tear apart my soul
Don't crush my heart

Oh, I'm here again
Yeah, I'm here again
And I'm feeling so pointless
Once more


terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2012

New Era (yet to come)

I'm sorry to be sensitive, kind and melodramatic.
I wish I could meet you anytime in my attic,
But unfortunately I have none.
Gladly, you're the one.
I will live with you someday,
There's no point doing it in any other way.
My heart just has one true meaning,
And that is your portrait when I'm away and dreaming.

The lines that circle my mind make me want to cry,
Forgive my foolishness for asking myself why;
Why is it becoming so cold and warm at the same time?
Why do I fear when there is no reason to fear time?
I wish I had answers for all of my concerns,
And I wish they would take turns;
During the night, the day,
And my whole life.

My thoughts are troubled by too much distance,
Sometimes I can't even realize my own existence,
And it's not just the usual anxiety,
It's my own irrational piety.
Because sometimes I can't understand myself,
I will always try to torture myself;
Through a very unhealthy way,
Built in colors of grey.

Who am I to believe or not to believe,
If I'm going to live away from here,
When I can be anything except a seer?
But I really wish to leave.
I will be in total happiness there by your side,
Our hearts and minds will never be tired