segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Fly Away

Had my identity stolen
My mind turned out to be swollen
Eyes closed, it's time to depart
This place is too far from my heart

Yelling at my own face
Tiring pain that remains to chase me
And if you could save someone
Would I be the one?

I'm gonna leave my enemies
I'm done with my so called friends
Why should I care?
They were never there

If you think I'm lost inside
Then tell me after I've cried
Only you must know what I need
Your love or I shall bleed

Try to bring me peaceful joy again
I'll forget everything that makes me drain
My time here
Their lies I can hear

Who's there to fear for me?
This is my only plea
I'm almost finished and I would die to live
But I want to know, what can I give?

Too many people are over themselves
They judge me and make me doubt myself
What if I'm really wrong?
What if I'm afraid to stay strong?


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