terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2012

New Era (yet to come)

I'm sorry to be sensitive, kind and melodramatic.
I wish I could meet you anytime in my attic,
But unfortunately I have none.
Gladly, you're the one.
I will live with you someday,
There's no point doing it in any other way.
My heart just has one true meaning,
And that is your portrait when I'm away and dreaming.

The lines that circle my mind make me want to cry,
Forgive my foolishness for asking myself why;
Why is it becoming so cold and warm at the same time?
Why do I fear when there is no reason to fear time?
I wish I had answers for all of my concerns,
And I wish they would take turns;
During the night, the day,
And my whole life.

My thoughts are troubled by too much distance,
Sometimes I can't even realize my own existence,
And it's not just the usual anxiety,
It's my own irrational piety.
Because sometimes I can't understand myself,
I will always try to torture myself;
Through a very unhealthy way,
Built in colors of grey.

Who am I to believe or not to believe,
If I'm going to live away from here,
When I can be anything except a seer?
But I really wish to leave.
I will be in total happiness there by your side,
Our hearts and minds will never be tired


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