segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

I Am Secretly Profound

She lies down on the couch waiting and trembling, her face starts to blush, her nudity to herself seems nothing but broken. He tries to warm her, to calm her down, he tries to gently kiss her soft skin under the invisible blankets, beneath the bath of foam, but she struggles; she struggles with her own image.
The night is late, the morning is about to give birth, but the spirits are young. Their souls were built of free will, their hearts were born to be bound to each other, but she does not want to. She refuses to give herself to the beloved one, to the confident of her dreams, of her fears, of her painful and dark diseases.
Have you found someone who comforts you, the same sweet and unique way, that I comfort you? You will not, my dear, you will not. And so, I sincerely tell you; I love you from the bottom of my dripping cold heart. I love you more than anything in this foolish and soulless, filthy world. I love you, my fucking perfect and beloved girl.


sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Fool In a Shell

Fool, I've got no use
You, sleep before the news
Rising all of the truth
Kiss me below the moon
And treat me well
During the doom

Cries the loner from above
Would he found his love

The time was very late
All the reasons to feel hate
Minds are going lone
The world used to be my home
Inside a bloody shell
It feels like a living hell

Cries the loner from above
Would he found his love
Ever found his love


quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

Shook The Angry

Finally my heart has grown
I'm happy that she's home
She shows me how to be alive
This love will continue to thrive
Laying myself down on the floor
A bittersweet mood is what I wore
To hide my mind from you
My frustration to be true

I need you to look out for me
Sometimes I lose it and I don't see
What I'm doing is actually real
The reflection by the mirror is to heal
To heal me

Angry self destruction has an end
Lack of self control is a miserable trend
Someone holds me while I last
All the things that I've asked
Now they're turning white
Now everything's gonna be alright
You told me what to write
I read you my bright heart
And we finally became a piece of art
Never staying apart

I need you to look out for me
Sometimes I lose it and I don't see
What I'm doing is actually real
The reflection by the mirror is to heal
To heal me
To heal thee


terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2012

Excessivamente Perdido

Onde estou eu? Preso num muro que bloqueia as mágoas de trespassarem o meu corpo, comandado por um barulho assustador, sinistro, frio. Desejo sentir algo vivo, porém não me consigo mover, estou a presenciar um terrível pesadelo, que queima a minha pele, que suga o meu coração, mas não a minha alma. Onde estou eu? Questiono-me novamente, ao ritmo de poesia negra, onde se encontra a minha sanidade? Tento procurar em ti o que não consigo em mim, tento dar-te toda a alegria possível, sendo que é impossível eu receber qualquer tipo de felicidade neste estado, fica tu com a felicidade, enriquece-te com a minha mágoa. Vasculho todas as possíveis situações, mas tu continuas em silêncio, sozinha, quase em abandono, e eu aqui, com a minha cara sempre triste, sempre desapontado com a minha própria sensibilidade em excesso. «Em excesso», dizes-me tu...
A minha mão a apoiar a minha cabeça já se torna a minha posição habitual de dor, de sentir que chega, mas continuar em frente, pois tu és tudo o que me mantém verdadeiramente vivo, mesmo que eu me sinta demasiado morto, mesmo que eu alimente a minha depressão incondicionalmente.
«Em excesso», repetes tu...que eu vivo excessivamente, que eu sinto excessivamente, que eu mostro tudo o que sinto por ti...excessivamente.


Palavras Negras

Não tenho valor no meu corpo. Não sinto calor enquanto sou viscoso e amargo. Preciso de ti para usufruir do meu prazer, preciso de ti, meu prazeroso paraíso. Aqui, aí, ali, minha deusa em forma humana, que me rasga as veias, que me trata como um senhor de terras bem pagas e ricas, que me dá a beber o seu prazer, que me dá a comer os seus lábios. Sou tratado como mereço, bem ou mal, eu não te esqueço.
O que é isso, princesa? Olhos tão vazios que observo em ti. Vejo uma mágoa demasiado profunda para que não se note a quem passa sem atenção, sem cuidado, sem coração aberto para uma pequena pétala como tu, retirada da rosa mais glamorosa de todo o campo de flores, esquecidas na eternidade. Sinto uma presença especial. Sinto-te a ti, meu anjo negro, que tens o meu coração para todo o sempre, mesmo que este não exista.


segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Dearest Passion

I am on the pursuit of unknown success and poet insight, with my bare hands and awful veins, my pleasurable ink is waiting for my thoughts. The thoughts who create art and salvation for my dearest, loved lady. Good or bad, I am a poet, a careless and imprudent writer. The clueless minds of this land have fallen miserably, and I have achieved great knowledge. I have wrote their births, their lives and their deaths. Unfortunately, I am yet to find the key to describe their souls, their empty, dark and lonely souls. I am the arrival of the new era, and hopefully you will look back and think how much I have done for my happiness, or undeniable depression. Greatness will find me joy, therefore I will offer passion, heat and love to my nearest. When I pass away, someone will cry in dire pain, and I will enjoy it...cruelly.
Poor hearts, poor minds, poor mouths. Go away, I do not want to see people, I do not wish to know someone who likes me, however, what I need the most, what I desire the most, is love. It is your love, my precious baby, growing old with me. I want to steal your grown love and store it inside my body. It will not escape and I will be happily thankful for such extraordinary devotion to my person.
Please, will you not go away, dear? Do not go, I am your soul, inside your heart.


sábado, 21 de julho de 2012

Broken Walls

My walls are falling in
They no longer let me win
I've been left out to die
I never want to say goodbye
I felt so miserable at the time
And I'm afraid that I'll never climb

The walls became a disease
I want my mind to freeze

My time is running out
There isn't any doubt
I feel the world is too ill
We'll just make another kill
Self destroy
I think I have my will
Inside the little box
My soul does the talks

The walls became a disease
I want my mind to freeze
My pain was left to ease


quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Caress of Depression

They're out there smiling,
Making fun of someone crying,
That's when I warned them,
Hypocritical group, I'll condemn,
With the palm of my hands,
My skin will show the way she stands.

Concerned about a painkiller,
That won't arrive before my thriller,
I need something new to use,
Something foreign to abuse,
To release my frustration,
And enjoy the alteration,
Of my dark and heavy load,
It appears that my mind has been slowed.

I hear a sinister sound inside my head,
I looked into the mirror, I thought I was dead,
Someone tried to save me from depression,
She feels pity that it became a succession,
Which is only stopped by her eyes,
By the glance of her deep skies,
I'm glad to scream, I'm glad she's wise.

I'm not even near the healthy sanity,
I'm not far away from insanity.
Oh, she looks and waves,
I run away from the history slaves,
I cleaned for once their dark graves,
Proud of an ancient spell,
My soul wishes to be well,
I'm trapped in the ground of hell.

They keep dragging me,
They keep laughing at me,
The rooms are closing in,
The bodies are diving in,
A pool of death and slaughter,
A poison intoxicates their water.
I'm on a roll now having fun,
You can't catch me now, run!
They keep believing they've won,
Lads, hey, lads, I'm not done!


Hey Miss

I've got some visits in my house
My hair is bigger now
Someone told me I could be out
But I prefer to be loud
Here inside, I'm not proud

I miss myself, I don't wanna be here
I miss a thing, I don't wanna be me

No one here understands a word
I speak and I find the world
I'm better when I'm shut
I'm better when I cut
My own voice
My own voice
My own voice

I miss myself, I don't wanna be here
I miss a thing, I don't wanna be me
I miss, I miss, I miss, hey Miss

Kiss me before I cry
When I cry kiss me, Miss
Do you miss me
Young and innocent
My Miss


terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012

Soulful To Painful

Continue to push my rotten soul,
To the limits of my passionate role,
Insanity has built a fortress inside,
Honey, I'll always be by your side.

The mental state is not well,
Ways of living have turned into hell,
You feel so confused with yourself,
Something strange brought suicide by itself.

You have tried it through multiple ways,
You just sat there dying through days,
When a special person came by,
He would heal you, he would try,
And for you, he will make your pain die.

Everything seems corrupted and blind,
The gaze has been conducted by the mind.
You try to love like you've been told,
I'll always need your heart to hold.

Sometimes we feel it's not the same,
You think and say you're not sane,
We don't need any outsider's pity,
All we need is a soulful committee.
This is incredibly painful,
My mind became strangely baneful.


Linger Through Eternity

My dear person, your life shall linger among the shadows and the decaying grounds, that penetrate your body and then your soul, with a slow bitterness founded by the Great Elders of your joyful, yet lonely home. While your footsteps become a vicious and nightly burden, while you build an unrealistic and strange life to give your heart a new chance, the dawn begins to cease, the nightfall turns into permanent darkness, however, you can still see the light, the people, the undesirable creatures that lived in the ancient world many long years ago. You are about to foresee the nature's pain, the roots that once made us who we are, the leafs that gave us all of eternity. But your knowledge finally realizes that our, ironically, humble society, is a burden for freedom. We are a locked and death burden.
Your life must linger, my dear person. You must heal the pain, the thriving pain, dramatically poisoning our souls. Our life should linger, my dear lady...
Here, with me, in this sicken world, you will dwell.


segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Undeniable Feelings

All the clouds have turned grey
All my feelings seem to flush away
She says
Our hearts full of haze
Lost my mind
Or is it a phase

They love us, they hurt us
This is such an open stress
She hurts me, she loves me
I'm such a real mess
Don't you fucking see
I'm on my knee

I'm asking for salvation
You feed my frustration
And yeah
Yeah, don't feed me

You know I'm gonna fall
Walking against the wall
I ain't gonna handle it
When you talk about split
I ain't gonna handle it

And if you please
Take me off of this
And this dark breeze
It's gonna make my heart freeze


Box of Fake Wonders

I give myself a meaning
To keep on deeming
I lack too self esteem
I need my mind to scream
I want no one to deem

My hands are soaking
And my blood is choking

My life is a burden
I feel my thoughts are caged
Sometimes I wish I never aged
My strength has leaked
And if I'm really here
Make myself to hear

My hands are soaking
And my blood is choking
Oh, oh


domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Someone In the Lake

I think her mom kinda likes me
I don't need a house to live
She needs a new place to breath
Broken thoughts are the new breed
She went to the beach with two friends
The road she took had many blends
Well, I'm the sea I have my tends

Oh, wait
Someone in the lake

I'm a dirty little duck with no regrets
Make no mistakes, that's all the bird gets
She pushes me away
I'm a loner so I beg her to stay

Oh, wait
There's someone
In the lake

I burned my legs
She screams and begs
But baby wait
Let me cook these eggs

Running in
Show me your breasts
I have some tests to do
You're free of any pests

There's someone
In the lake
In the lake

Having babies!


sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Diamond Lady

You, Diamond Lady, with the shape of nature in your birth sign, I love you, do you know? I seek butterflies and mushrooms in your marvelous hair, with a slim touch and flavor of snakes and birds. I watch the stars fall from the shiny sky, from the moonlight who calls from above; I see you there, calling my name and pleading for my colorful aid. And in that particular moment, your eyes are brighter than our plants, animals and mother's leafs; your eyes are, eternally, precious.
The heavens dine together with a bittersweet wine withdrawn from our beautiful, pink grapes, the clouds share a messy place, yet a wonderful meal along the drops of water below our feet. We are high above. You, my Diamond Lady. You are incredibly passionate about the lack of wind and trumpets that used to echo in your dreams. You are, silently, in love. And that touches my heart in just a minor time lapse, a miraculous moment which is enough to induce that powerful and magic powder you wear on your lips; «kiss me», she said. And I did so.
I remember when you created my world. I could say the most unrealistic, but yet astonishing things to yourself. I still can; drinking warm milk and tea, that gives me a peaceful sense of what life is. I am not totally broken nor am I completely bounded to the limits of eternity. I worship your presence, and the fire surrounding your nude body, warming your bare birth, is all I care about. The heat in your heart is all I care about.
«Oh, sweet, sweet little thing, you have told the ancients about my findings. The findings who made my anatomy a much more lighten Earth», I told her. She lied down her head on those pure and white sheets, they were absolutely covered in dirt, grass and rabbits. Those were my findings; her pure and sane personality. Her skin smelled so good, I could almost feel her veins running through my inner soul. The Diamond Lady taught me how to survive, and then how to live. The Diamond Lady is my lady; my companion, my door to paradise. She's of the psychedelic kind, which I love and desire. We stood there, both naked, protecting each other, feeling the nature under our skins, and being as one; as one brilliant, beautiful and natural forest.


quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012

Anymore is Eternal

The night is dark, my spirit rises through danger,
Mirrors are tainted in pain, the blood from the stranger,
The call from my dear, I see the lines of reality,
The lights from another room, the emotional brutality.

I don't want this anymore,
I don't want this anymore,
I feel the painful sore,
Stop it, I don't want to feel it anymore.

I'm hanged by the passion, if you touch my hands,
You will feel a pure relation, if I stay in your plans.
Someone who brought me happiness,
Brought me everything and incurable sadness.

The light of my heart is fading through days,
Shining from the bottom, this is not just a phase.
She told me it would sincerely remain,
I don't think I could ever sustain.

Stop it, I don't want this anymore.
No more, a long sore.
I don't want this anymore,
I don't want this anymore,
I can't take much more,
But I will stay furthermore.


quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Tearing My Friend Apart

You feel that you are broken,
Your mind is a beautiful token,
Of your naive heart,
Surviving with unrealistic art.

He does not deserve you,
You're tearing your soul,
I'm telling you I always knew,
This is not your desirable whole.

Well, did you see him there?
Those tears are carrying you on,
He's rarely showing himself, that's not fair.
Would he hug you if he saw you at the dawn,
Are those the lines that you have drawn,
To take all of the blame?
You do not deserve the same,
Please, do not feel any shame.

My angry voice seems to be clear,
I clearly know the sound of your tear.
I wish he felt the same despise,
I wish he saw the same dark skies.


terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Oppressed Throat

Blood spilled to the floor,
Strangers in front of the door,
Murdered against the wall,
Forced my hands to crawl,
My reactions stood silent,
All of my fears declared violent,
A room that I never wrote,
I was thinking about her quote,
Hang the man by the throat!

She observes the humans in disgrace,
Her cold mind freezes the space,
I stare at myself questioning,
Who was she threatening?

Absolutely fascinated with death,
She has been living out of breath.
Since I've been depressed,
My illusions have been guessed.

This distance is unreal,
The illusion of passion is the heal,
Our broken bodies aren't here,
My oppression will not disappear.

Float a tension in the air,
My joyful person was never there,
Now I have a repressed mind,
Now I'm terribly unkind.


Waiting For You

Whenever you feel down
Get off your room
Whenever I feel sad
Don't feel bad
'Cause I'm a nympho
Don't be upset at me
All I need is to agree
Before it burns my sea

It's a bad habit, but I feel good
I'm so lame it feels so rude
I feel annoying, I feel stupid
I'm in love, I'm the cupid
My ideal is to be great
But today there's some things
Well, that I hate
Wait, is that my clinging fate
My heart is burning
My mind is learning

I'm wanting and waiting
I'm wanting and waiting

She says I'm to sacrifice
I'm the type of trying
I'm the type of crying
I feel I have no reason
To doubt my wounds
I'm out of the season

She don't feel my mood
Sometimes I sing a nude
She won't lead my way
I'll have to be away
For some time

I'm waiting and wanting
I'm waiting and wanting

I got some glue
I'll tape my fingers
I find myself in a queue
And externally

I'm wanting
I'm waiting
I'm waiting for you


segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Hey, I have a knife for my heart

When I try to blink
I always tend to sink
In your broken wing
I always tend to sing

My life
Your life
My wife
I have a knife

You laugh and scream
Let me live your dream
Steal a gun from a store
All I write has no sore
I wasn't well before


She says I'm pretty
I think I feel self pity
I'm not even witty
I want to sing a little ditty

My wife
My life
Your life
I have a knife
For my heart


sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Not Resilient

Why do I feel like a mess?
It makes me sad that I'm like the rest,
I hope I'm not just an electrical light,
Don't think you can always be right.

Meaningless and provoked,
The trail has been soaked,
My conscience is a loner,
Inside a pain donor.

I try to be brilliant, I try to be brilliant,
But I'm not a resilient, I'm not a resilient.

Oh for long I've been sealed,
This delusional mind will never be healed,
The sounds of broken eternity,
They echo in my own modernity.

I'm not a resilient, I'm not a resilient,
When I try to be brilliant, when I try to be brilliant.

Please, call me to your side,
I'll sustain your heart and abide.
You've got all my truth,
I run from myself, do I have to soothe?

No longer extinct,
My thoughts are always distinct,
I may not be someone's hater,
But I'll haunt you sometime later.


sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012


I found a road just ahead of me,
I've led the mystery to a mourning sea,
This is the pain you want me to take,
Can I go on without any mistake?

I know that you don't do it on purpose,
Maybe you don't realize, I suppose.

Each day that passes in accretion,
I can sense my undeniable depletion,
In every corner of my eternal frustration,
I always find my newest screaming creation.

I'm not a violent human being,
Instead of crying, I wish I was feeling,
All of my conscience has been broken,
I would kill my foreign mind to be spoken.

I know that you don't do it on purpose,
Maybe you don't realize, I suppose.

On the sidewalk, I would always slide,
I took my restless thoughts and I cried,
I try to be miserably creative with a word,
But my pleading voice is terribly unheard.


quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2012

Escuridão Sem Fim

Caminhos negros de emoção,
Que nos aumentam a atenção,
As minhas mãos escrevem,
Os teus olhos se perdem.

Mágoas alusivas à decadência,
És alimentada por indecência,
Porque não me fechas a mente
E me deixas permanecer inconsciente?

Peço desculpa por me sentir assim,
Mas não temes também um fim?
Peço desculpa por me sentir ruim.

Serão aqueles os gritos que ecoam na minha alma,
Que me obrigam a ser um recluso sem calma?
Atiram o meu corpo fora,
Enterram a minha sanidade em péssima hora.

Continua a puxar-me, continua a ser perfeita,
Magoa-me como te ensinei, sê eleita,
Sê tudo o que pretendes ser,
Continua a errar e deixa o meu dia escurecer.

Peço desculpa por ser ruim,
Peço desculpa por me sentir assim.


terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Blue Thing with Green Ingredients

Through wondering seas
Magnifying leather pants
Instantly blurred mirrors
See a colorful bag of hands
Mind wanders inside a sealed universe
These sounds haven't written any verse
Trumpets and unrealistic birds
They shine peacefully, appear in words
Thousand tears by the nature
Footsteps in your garden, you weird creature

I am hearing voices from the outside
Are they drugs that I've never tried?
My child, you have never lied
To plants that always cried

Regained a seed from the wind
Acquired a stick from the woods
Wish I had some powerful goods
Those hands were too harsh to grind
A fairyland to never find
A human being never kind

And with a bittersweet state of mind
She had high levels of grace
Her body was the creation of a psychedelic race


segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012


The entire body is an extinction,
We all have the fear of illusion,
They carry on without any solution,
For too long, have we found any absolution?

Bloodless skins form a new tainted world,
Believe me when I'm afraid of the cold,
Let me treat you the way I've been told,
I need your body, so I can have something real to hold.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity

I have shed too many tears already,
The truth is, I've never been mentally steady,
Sometimes I feel the pain in my hands,
Run from a soul who is lost in heavy lands,
I wish you were here, you would feel me now,
Do not fear your well being, do not make a vow,
I'm a strange person, a really needy one,
But I do no harm, unless you give me a gun.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity

Free will is nowhere to be seen,
I have found someone really lovely,
She's incredibly haunting, where has she been?
Though my heart is so ugly,
My soul struggles the nights in vein,
These eyes are as dark as my room,
I feel an unconscious wealthy pain,
There's an empty space, maybe it is my gloom.

Insanity has been warned,
My brain has been called,
The levels of indescribable personality are too high,
I wish I have never felt my mind overly shy.

Insanity, you live by insanity, insanity


I Am Perfect Death

I am perfect
For unwanted things
Underneath dying corpses
I am perfect
For everyone
But sometimes I feel cold
Inside a world
Drawing pure sadness
Cigarettes burn to the air
Hands are filled with water
Spit naughtiness from your breath
Ejaculate unused thoughts
Restrain a life of blankness
Selective and painful blankness.

I am death
I am loneliness without an arm
Foul without art
I exist in no heart
Leader without the sea
Psychotic men don't see
Fear on a rainy night, don't treat.


Memories Are Only Mad

I remember when we're all talking to each other
Back in those days we'd spend the nights better
There was a campfire, I was all lonely in the dark
Then you came along and in the beginning
I just thought, won't she come someday with me to the park?

And memories are bad
Memories are good when they ain't sad
Memories, memories are only mad

The love she shows, oh sometimes
Sometimes it hurts the way she rhymes
But deep inside I know how she feels
She never wears strange high heels
I call her baby, but she's so confused
I'm not wrong and she's emotionally bruised

And memories are bad
Memories are good when they ain't sad
Memories, memories are only mad

You seem so little in your corner
Come out, I don't wanna be a mourner
When some darkness comes into play
It's not a game anymore, it's your own same way
I need to find your happiness to buy you a key
You can unlock it anytime you want
But don't let this image here to haunt

Memories are bad
Memories are good when they ain't sad
Memories, memories are only mad

And I am just an ordinary lad
I hope I can be your children's dad
One day