quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Labaredas Infinitas

Em torno das labaredas és despertada,
Seduzida estás, pela brisa dos ventos, minha namorada,
Deixa tudo e leva-me contigo pelo mar adentro,
Onde há ruínas e paixões,
Onde há chamas sem ilusões.

Até ao fundo de todas as marés,
Enquanto pego nos teus magníficos pés,
Levo-te comigo sem olhar para trás.
E se estiveres adormecida nos meus ombros,
Jamais cairás e eternamente perdurarás.

Ao longo das rotas sem destino,
Criaste o teu próprio ensino;
Sem violência, sem ódio nas ruas,
Com paz de espírito,
Aconchegada por inúmeras Luas.

Tudo tão estragado por dentro,
Ironicamente, um grande opaco no centro;
Do teu coração e da tua mente,
Que bloqueia demasiado sentimento, infelizmente,
Mas não, minha querida, não na tua alma,
Pois em ti, reside eternamente a minha calma.

Não fossem as tuas palavras doiradas,
Não fossem as minhas reacções limitadas...


terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

Treasured Two Days

Sedate me and anything I possess
Your feelings trapped in distress
Your only chance breaks down
So take me down
I'm sedated I'm feeling out

Foolish father
I don't even bother
I don't care
This broken lair


Warm up your body
I'm coming down
Come to your town
Feed my only tension

Foolish family I'm going away
Don't stop me I'm right
It's gonna be alright


And what's left
Remains my theft
Leaves nothing behind
No one likes to be kind

She's taking my hand
I'm giving my hand
I'm no man's land
Nobody can pretend
Desired sex inside my tend


Sexual perversion
That's our version
Only diversion

Two days
Wish they were today


quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Literal Trend

Floating senseless, looking breathless,
Help her now, help this daughter,
With the holder of death,
Surprised to reclaim my breath.

Feelings are clearly literal,
Anger, frustration, through the natural.

Absolute power, broken tower,
Define our lonely chain,
Suicidal numbers in drops of rain.

Burning passions flying everywhere,
Look at the sea, I was there,
Look to the sky, I don't care,
I'm afraid but I don't say,
I can't wait to see you again,
I can't wait another day.

Dying through the ink,
Can't anyone smell the stink,
The papers and everyone,
Ripping them all at once.


quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012

You Know

I feel something is not right,
No, no, this moment is not bright,
Some things are way too absurd,
The way I've fallen, the voices I've heard,
They aren't much more than a confusing word.

Of all the things that my mind has left,
This one is wrong, is surely a theft,
Of my soul, of my sensitive side,
And we were there and we cried,
But something is not feeling right,
So I just write and sing along the night.

I think I know, I think I know,
I don't ever, I don't ever want you to go.

But I won't tell anyone,
It would end, I would be done,
And you know but you don't admit,
And together we will never split.

You know but you don't want to admit,
And you know, you know,
I don't want you to go.

If I tell, you will be upset,
And I bet, I bet I will regret.

But I don't want you to go,
I don't ever want you to go,
You know, and you know...


segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

Make Me

I like to look at the trees
I like to feel your tease
Falling asleep on the ground
Smiling to nobody around
Happy to see that yours are round

Make me do it now
Make me do it now and again
Do it now and again

I'm wearing your ancient necklace
Golden purity sometimes I'm reckless
Is it a pyramid or a triangle
I don't know I don't care
But it proves that I was there

I'll make you do it now
I'll make you do it again
I'll make you do it now and again
Make me please
Make me


domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Proibição de Emoção

Eu sou um poeta...
Mas não sou um poeta que modifica o tempo,
Não sou um poeta apenas por passatempo,
Não sou um poeta rodeado de poesia apenas porque é arte,
Mas sou um poeta que se parte...

Nós somos dois poetas...
Perante dois corpos novamente afastados,
Permanecem dois poetas apaixonados,
Com inúmeras razões para viver,
Sem mágoas para não sofrer.

Dizeis que sou um poeta criativo,
Pois um dia, o mundo dirá que sou expressivo,
E nesse momento irei escrever nas paredes da cidade;
Um poeta jamais deverá mostrar a sua felicidade,
Ou a sua amabilidade...


quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2012

Melody Or No Melody

They are who he hates
She'll find them soon
What does he tastes
She'll find out soon
And when he breaks
She tells him, you're my moon

You're my moon
She tells him, you're my moon
She tells him, you're my moon
You're my moon
My moon

There's a melody inside my head
Everything is dead
All the lyrics seem to matter
What do they matter

I am myself
She is herself
And she wishes to dwell

She loves me rather well
She loves me rather well
She loves me rather well

And when I'm breaking
She tells me, you're my moon
She tells me, you're my moon
You're my moon

You're my
You're my
You're my


domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Safety Road

We're so close to be around each other,
It felt so great when you told me it was your mother,
Asked myself several times if this is true,
Our love, our real love when the sky is blue,
Building up a feeling of endless passion,
Now I remember without you I always felt too ashen.

If I ever stay alone,
At least I know my heart was known,
At least I know I've grown.

Don't ever let me go like the water between your fingers,
I wouldn't resist to fall in misery that lingers,
I really wish you to not fall,
I really hope you don't ever see your pain through a bloody wall,
You give everything you ever had,
You desperately try to not feel bad,
But sometimes it all comes back,
And you'd feel too sad.

If I ever stay alone,
At least I know your heart will not be thrown away,
At least we would know how to stray,
Between innocence and our own personal way.


sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

A Pleasant Refuge

He walks carefully and measures his paces,
Looks to the ground and sees someone's traces,
The footprints are so very strange,
Therefore he decides to use his sight at close range.
What does he see?
Only his mind cannot flee.
What does he envision?
Bodies and the lack of living forming the collision;
The collision of it all,
Perhaps the success of the small.

Their clothes are missing,
And their hearts are kissing.
The time is deeply quiet, it is almost unbelievable,
However, they seek the conceivable;
Through stone and fire,
Underwater and above mire.
Who to blame?
What to claim?

Suddenly, the ground trembled for despair,
Then, he and she began to drastically swear;
Their hearts, their souls, it was all out,
Until their voices decided to not shout.
They found a refuge inside a dark place,
Unfortunately, they had already lost their lone grace.
Were they scared or simply cold?
Though it would not change the fact that they were really bold.

Just two beautiful and perfect hearts,
Both dignified of the world's most pleasant arts,
Both sharing moments of delight,
And both desiring the endless night.


terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Lasting Love

She is as beautiful as the dawn,
All of her lights shine upon;
The great surrounding sun,
With a perfect morning run.

Curtains on her waist she wore,
Thankfully, in my heart she found lore.
She will walk to my side,
And she will show me pride.

Dear, my dear lonely baby,
Would you wish to become a lady?
Or would you let myself cease,
To cure your own disease?

I die beneath your guards,
I wish for you to save me,
While I receive your kind regards,
While I'm a failure across the sea.

My hands are starting to break,
These fingers become to shake.
Should it be my own death?
It shall be my miserable breath.

It seems that you are really sweet,
You are truly real, indeed.
Have you sailed to my fleet?
Because you are perfect for myself to read.

And that way it begun,
A lasting love that will never be done.


Silence My Water

This time seems really tiring
These phases are not expiring
Won't she sedate my soul
I must hate this deadly role
And all I can ever do
All I can ever do
Never feels really great
I always feel the bate
And all I ever proved
Will never be approved

I, silenced in the water
I, wrecked in my slaughter

Is the cruel person there
Living inside my lair
I would never
I would never care
But I'm not seeing her tonight
And while I try to write
I need her to feel right

I, drowning in my water
I'm dead in the slaughter
Deadly slaughter


segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2012

Sweet Moonlight

Lady mistress, your eyes are brown,
Crazy bats, wings on the ground,
Have you fallen inside the flowers,
Or have you dyed your hair on the top,
Of those towers?

Her hair is sometimes curvy,
I can smell the honey bee,
She gets close to me, I feel nervy.
She was leading me to see,
And to feel the nightly haze,
That would induce my glaze.

Bright phantoms near her blinds,
She tells me how it winds.
The dark towers are her room,
Where she brushes her gloom,
When she leans to the ground,
The pretty bats will fill her eyes very brown.

A hundred birds who call her name,
She won't answer, it's not her game,
But she will tell you nameless things,
And all of you shall fall between her wings;
Her glance capable of loving kings.


domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Wishful Temptation

Someone wants a mind to ache,
I think it should be very real,
Unless there is a single thought to wake,
It will feel very torn without a deal,
The lines of this image were revealed,
Without any doubt, it was insane,
Through many attempts it was healed,
And I wonder if they notice their brain,
Do they taste the poisoned rain?

You felt a slight alteration,
A slight alteration,
It was nothing but your lonely temptation,
Your only sedation.

I wish to dismantle my vision,
I want to preserve with the heart,
And I sense it's my healthy precision,
I want to create my own piece of art,
But I need to find the perfection,
In our depravated minds,
On my soulful erection,
Required for the silence of these times.

You felt a slight alteration,
A slight alteration,
It was nothing but your lonely sedation,
Your only temptation.

We are the poisoned rain,
The ejaculation of a perfect strain,
It's my vein, it's my vein,
Was it not in vain,
In vain.


sexta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2012


She was young and lied
Found herself and cried
Less pretentious and very cold
Overwhelmed, she's getting old
Every dangerous secret is being told

If I'm worth
Not anyone's dirt
If I meet your sex
I'll never need any next

My mind is a complex
My mind is a complex
My mind is a complex
I'm your complex

Name myself absurd
You'll taste me unheard
All you need to do is reword
All I've to do is reword
Your heart is how to reword
My mind is my reword
Work as a word

My mind is the complex
My mind is the complex
My mind is the complex
My mind is the complex
I'm your complex
I'm your final


quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Complexity of Despair

Our home where no one is living,
The shadows inside are unforgiving,
I'm a fool beneath my will,
Everyday I'm trying to deal with my thrill,
I'm falling apart and rising after,
I wish the cure was only a simple laughter,
Of myself deeply depressed,
Of myself crying and stressed.

Why are you doing this?
Do you want me to dismiss?
I seem to be useless and sad,
My soul is null, I'm feeling really bad.
If only you would realize now,
This whole suffering of thou,
And I'm asking myself "how?".

I find myself truly inside your heart,
I know us as a beautiful piece of art,
You yell at me to stop,
And sadly my tears are beginning to drop.

It's time to treat one disease,
With two lovers on their knees,
He's trying to prevent the cold breeze,
She asks him, "will you stop, please?".
But he loves her too much to go away,
And "he", is myself that will always stay,
Miserable and aggressive, thinking I'm on the way,
I won't leave my dear, even when she wishes to stray.