domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012


Gritos ferozes,
Almas sem vozes;
Pedem-me tudo,
Mas o meu coração
Tende a ser surdo,
E eu sou a prova morta da imperfeição.
Ou simplesmente viva sem razão.

Sombras atormentam os meus olhos,
As minhas mãos sentem solidão,
O meu rosto torna-se escuro;
Socorro! Estou tão perdido.

Alguma vez escreverei o mundo tão puro?
Então e este muro,
Que me protege e previne de atingir o fundo?
Não me satisfaz...
Nada me parece eficaz;
Para escapar à minha própria ruína.

sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012

Someone Lies

I have no need of imagination,
the spare time is null.
I could be done with my frustration,
but then I'd always be dull,
and I could never rest -
to be full,
or a fool.

Someone sights my black eyes,
they're poisoned and empty.
The moments would be lies,
and I've sold all my rights;
With pleasure foretold,
for Someone to die old.

Letters that I never sent,
poorly written masterpieces.
Oh, the time I've spent
creating hollows with emotional scent!

I wish that you will never die,
because that would make me cry.
Well, Someone is sad,
and speaking of which;
I'm just a little glad.

sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

The Lighter

Touch to be burnt,
The magic will be earned,
Watch your words, your filthy words,
And what's going on inside,
You'll kill me softly, we'll take a little ride,
It's time to walk now,
Time to take me now,
It's time to take a lighter,
It's time to feed me,
Time to feed up a fighter.

You'll think I'm wrong when I,
Tell you I hate myself,
When I kill myself,
And I can't tell what's right,
Am I just lonely and bright?
Who knows, I'm alive,
You're alive, you're alive,
Tell me now!

Come dance with me, my baby,
Bring your lights to me, my lady,
I'm cold and so is my fire,
And if you hold me,
I'll take you to the dawn,
And if you let me show you,
You'll fall in my arms once more,
Once more, we'll take new lore,
New lore, old door...

Young child who turns white,
Cure her with The Lighter,
But kill her after,
Teach her with laughter!
Sweet daughter,
Oh, oh, sweet daughter...

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

Rainy Days

Everyone feels numb,
Everything feels dumb,
What is this thing?
I won't forgive,
I need to relieve.

You're following your eyes,
With your foolish guides,
Your mind feels lost,
The time freezes through frost;

A rainy day,
A rainy day,
A rainy day.

The lines of life are dark,
The words will lack,
I will lie for you,
I want to die, too.

Tormenting my mind,
My soul is blind.
Well, the nights are right,
Wished to think bright,
To feel right;

On a rainy day,
On a rainy day,
On a rainy day.

sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

Cura Incurável

Dentro da minha mente resides,
Como a eterna sombra no meu coração,
Porém, tudo é feliz e encantado.
A minha lágrima é seca e ardente,
O rosto do mundo é fechado,
As minhas mágoas sorriem deliberadamente.

Somos gotas de água fria num mundo de emoções quentes,
Somos a luz sem rumo, perdidos num mundo de pessoas que usam tudo;
Tudo, excepto as suas mentes.
Se a minha dor fosse projectada ao infinito,
Será que tudo se tornaria um pouco mais compreensível?
Ou talvez apenas mais sensível...

Nada terei que temer;
A lua ilumina-me antes de eu nascer,
E a escuridão oferece-me animosidade e prazer.

Serei eu apenas alguém que nada informa,
Que de nada sabe e ao longo do tempo se deforma?

terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2012

Broken Years

Nothing is real,
Yeah, no one can heal.
Everyone is dead,
Yeah, we should have fled.

Lights are over,
Yeah, feeling you closer.
Feelings can't be broken,
Yeah, we're pieces that were stolen.

Eyes sold me,
Yeah, who killed me?
Dying breathless,
Yeah, I'm crawling restless.

I'm nobody's friend,
Yeah, my soul must end.
I've fallen shy,
Yeah, teach me how to die.

I hurt myself before anyone,
I need my soul before it's done,
Everything I've read feels unreal,
This is the way I'll always feel.

segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2012

Slave Of Myself

Shouldn't we all fall deep?
The reason behind our trick,
And the healing for the sick,
Is to die beneath;
The diseased and painful world,
For the sake of what's been told
In the scenarios of chaotic madness,
And the sorrows of my sadness.

Take away all of my pain,
I would live among the drops of rain...
And the eyes shall tear,
And the cold shall not fear.

We run the past like miserable slaves.
According to the endings of my heart,
My faithful darkness cannot fall apart.

And the anchors which drag me,
To a sea so profound,
My wounds are meant to be,
For a magnificent, fearful ground.

sábado, 15 de setembro de 2012

Above Me

Well, the lines that cross your face,
Seem so dark and leave no trace.
We all carry happiness in our hearts,
We just can't forget past marks,
And our world looks so sweet,
When I have the chance to treat;

You, my dear,
You, my darling.
You, my love,
You're really above.

When they told me to go away,
You stood there for me so I could lay;
With your feather,
I could almost see your bearer.
And everything will be done,
I'll crawl to your arms as we are one;

My dear,
My darling.
You, my love,
You're really above me.

The clocks are empty,
The feelings must be lengthy.
Our souls are calling,
Our bodies probably crawling.

sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012


Friendly man who feels sick
Nothing works, he lives with guilt
There's no more medication
Nothing to complete his sedation
Tells my love he's really sorry
Thinks he hurt her
And darling says, don't be sorry

He feels so much pain
He thinks through his pain

Strong and unbearable ache
Find a new thing and wake
Diagnosed and too chronic
His feelings almost seem so ironic
My love tells me he's so harmonic

He feels so much pain
He thinks through his pain

quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Shred Myself

Troubled mind, I'm against
I can't hide what I have sensed
Heartless speeches, broken hands
Open cards and hate my lands
They will lose everything
They will steal anything
We will buy another thing

Let myself go undone
Traveler body with a gun
Sold my path anytime
Told my friends to come by
They never came, they don't exist
Let me be, I will resist
If my thoughts feel perverse
Go away and don't discuss

I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I will shred

Symptoms of eroticism
Devil's eyes that will tease
Your thoughts through empty trees
It's all about a shameless way
It's nothing but a brand new day
Leafs will fall on your bed
Lights will shine upon your head

Whenever I think of you
All the time it's about you
For the future it will be you
When my heart is loving you
My thoughts are also fucking you
I will never lie to you
You're my reason for all that's true
You're my evil and my good
I'm so blue I could be you

I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I won't die, I will shred
I will shred

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Mr. Lonely

All the fears I've been put through
All the doubts I've been feeling too
I can't find any escape
I won't fight another day

Feel no fear
All I feel

Child, you have been promised to
Fight the illusion before you're true
Anything that your soul will borrow
Everything will turn into a lonely sorrow

Heal me
Heal me
Feel no fear
All I feel
All I feel is fear

segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

Shout Me Love

People laugh even when they're shy
We live a concept before our thoughts die
The words are drunk and I'm sober
Never gotta go, it won't be over

I'll be there, my lover
You'll meet me again, my lover

Hold on I'll be there soon with you
The days are closing in for you
I won't miss any little things
I let you fall on my shoulder
Always dying to feel you closer

I'll be there, my lover
You'll meet me again, my lover
I'll be there, my lover

If I've to do anything
If I've to feel everything
Nothing's gonna stop me
Only something to bother me
And forever you'll know
I'm with you, we'll grow

Mind is slow
Mind is slow sometimes
Past times have a little glow

Beneath My Conscious

Lifeless face, misplaced
They eat the diamonds
Lifeless face, you're misplaced
Shiny and sparkling above our heads

Your body is an extent
What can I do, I'm not relaxing
What can I do

Locked inside my soul
I see no door, I feel no floor
Too warm for me
Too cold for thee
It's okay to cease
I've stopped talking to ease

My concerns
Had many concerns
Will always live with concerns

So, what can I do with
So many concerns
Ohh, my concerns
They'll lead to my kill
Oh, beautiful kill

quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Homeless Vocation

I've troubled the past on my own for several times,
I went to work but I couldn't stand all the lies,
My mind was full of hate,
The appointments said I was late,
I said to myself, what was I thinking?
My soul had a leaking,
Your eyes saw my heart dripping.

Homeless and carrying your portrait,
I have a house but it still feels too corporate,
Homeless and wandering through the dawn,
I'm sleeping in the dark, resting on the lawn.

What have I won?
Nothing but art to write.
What have I won?
Nothing but a filthy sight.
What have I done?
Roamed the streets during the night,
Searching for some bright lights,
I failed to succeed,
I failed to find my need.

Resting on the lawn,
Resting on the lawn,
I'm sleeping in the dark,
Wandering through your lonely dawn,
Carrying your portrait and finding you,
Sleeping on the lawn,
And it takes no sensation,
And it misses every temptation,
To fall asleep with no sedation,
To wake up with the nightly vocation.


terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Woman, Wash Me

To whatever I lean on,
Self righteous paradise,
I'm left alone with myself,
Let me harm this time,
I'm a danger for a single dime,
Call me your ranger!

Ashes from the public cigarettes,
I'm awake and I never sleep,
Missing your heart, lonely deep,
Your heart beating, sorrow's deep.

I feel loved and sacrificed,
I'm not enough to roll the dice,
I'm talking garbage, I'm a lie,
Oh darling, my darling,
I'm talking garbage, I'm a lie,
Except my love, don't die,
Except my love, so don't die!

One pain for a bastard,
None and all to gather,
Love and sex after,
I'm an electric bastard,
Who sings love to the birds,
Who draws sex to my woman,
Do I write you well, my woman?!
My woman?!
Ohh my woman!

Digging a hole so I can throw myself in,
Lock and load your suicide, I'm in,
Wash my breath before I go,
Take all of my clothes I deserve to go,
I'm less than everyone with no regrets,
I'm less than the world,
I'll be digging a hole so I can kill myself,
Finally I'll be digging a hole,
I will never achieve my whole...


Strange Man

Strange man who wanders the desert road,
He feels lost every time he falls,
And the sea is too heavy to carry.

Whenever the sky seems frightening and grey,
The strange man only has one question;
Who prays?
He has no answer for himself,
He feels alone and a hole in the sand is where he lays.

There, covered in sand, he wakes.
His loneliness strikes the most when he breaks down,
Starting to recall all of his past moments,
He had everything and a beautiful wife,
But he ran away when she asked about his previous life,
His secrets could be eternally buried,
His dreadful murders led him to be married,
And never thinking that she could be as beautiful as the past,
He quickly started to shed tears and screamed in misery;
"My love for you was never meant to be truly vast!"

Strange man picks his guitar strings on a lonely day,
Playing what he calls peace to our state of mind,
No one else listens to his masterpiece,
No one else but him can appreciate the silence!

The nightfall hasn't shown for months,
Since he's been living with filthy worms,
His most favorite food are snakes.
He inhales unknown substances,
His lost mind aches.

And the spirit of this lost man,
Has become numb but recognizable.
Was he a man at all?
A woman they said,
A woman they saw.