terça-feira, 23 de julho de 2013

O que acontece por lá?

O que acontece quando o sonho acaba,
E a noite é familiar?
O que acontece quando um artista é louco,
E a sua arte é a perspectiva da sua mente?
O que acontece quando me deixo viajar em mundos distantes,
E o espaço torna-se vivo, multi-dimensional, estranho?

Acontece tudo o que não se espera;
Tudo é familiar,
Tudo é artístico,
Tudo é distante,
Tudo é impressionante,
Tudo se assemelha a nada.

Novas coisas emergem na madrugada,
As pessoas conhecem a morte,
O mundo recomeça;
Eu estou apaixonado por tanto,
E quero estar na borda da vida,
Quero o tempo perdido,
Quero subir a montanha de emoções,
E quero ir sozinho,
Quero-me abandonar por uns tempos.

Consigo ouvir os gritos de paixão da minha alma,
Mas falta-me senti-los,
Falta-me entrar (na morte) e voltar.
E o que acontece por lá?

Ricardo Rodrigues

quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2013

Sad Boredom

I don't quite understand the way I feel,
am I saddened or deeply bored?

I look into myself and I see strange images,
they determine my wacky imagination,
they let me visualize the endless travelings of my mind.

The songs in my head begin with a melancholic sound,
and you can feel what's coming:
a group of killers without compassion,
nights of sleepless people,
the forests are filled with dreams,
the smoke rises and my heart remains untouched.

I'm running through a field of dreams,
I'm getting high to the purpose of ending boredom,
I think to many of my selves and realize the end:
reality is the end,
the end of real happiness,
the end of art,
the end of the world as the ancients knew it.

And as I know it,
as I understand it's copulation with freedom;
the world has to be free,
the people are unaware of it's wonders,
they have to know.

But I repeat to myself:
am I saddened or deeply bored?
My eyes will tell,
and someone will understand.

Ricardo Rodrigues

sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

Wild loner in the road

A younger girl approached me by the sun
My eyes could not see anything
But shining beauty.

I fell down
My body went under the stars
And I was alive
I was excited
I woke my mind
I felt the beating heart collapsing
The wise touch completed me
I'm the Earth
The real Cosmos

Life ahead of us
Like the turning of excitement
Boredom has hit us
We need to be blown
We need a gathering of cunts and cocks
And beautiful, smiling faces

I've to find a place somewhere
A place to hide
A place to die
In the house of the killer

Everything is out of sense
Part of me wants to go away
I need to be very far away
Away from the life ahead
Everything should be done today

Meet me before the hour
I cling to paradise in this late hour
I'm tense and in despair
I want to dance
I want to be free
I want to be the thief that steals the world
And sells it to the poor

The morning came and I awoke
I left the house without notice
I walked freely in the road

The wild woman came to me and said
I was a loner
I felt miserable
I was lonely

Ricardo Rodrigues

segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

In the peak of the Ages

Kill me now
Let's not trouble the dawn
Forget the past
You're under no obligation
Be forgetful
Don't leave any signs
You're immortal

I need the silence
The awakening of the mind
I want someone to make love to me
Unfold the world

Feeling the warm tongue of the Moon
The brain has fainted
The soul has been tainted

Watching the Sun going down to the Moon
Crazy at dawn
Sane in the morning

My writings are slow today
My mind in the peak of the ages

Ricardo Rodrigues