sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2013

Wild loner in the road

A younger girl approached me by the sun
My eyes could not see anything
But shining beauty.

I fell down
My body went under the stars
And I was alive
I was excited
I woke my mind
I felt the beating heart collapsing
The wise touch completed me
I'm the Earth
The real Cosmos

Life ahead of us
Like the turning of excitement
Boredom has hit us
We need to be blown
We need a gathering of cunts and cocks
And beautiful, smiling faces

I've to find a place somewhere
A place to hide
A place to die
In the house of the killer

Everything is out of sense
Part of me wants to go away
I need to be very far away
Away from the life ahead
Everything should be done today

Meet me before the hour
I cling to paradise in this late hour
I'm tense and in despair
I want to dance
I want to be free
I want to be the thief that steals the world
And sells it to the poor

The morning came and I awoke
I left the house without notice
I walked freely in the road

The wild woman came to me and said
I was a loner
I felt miserable
I was lonely

Ricardo Rodrigues

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