segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

Poema (Quase) Egocêntrico

Das noites frias às manhãs calorosas
O prazer não se ofusca
No mais profundo brilhantismo da alma
O sentido espiritualista rege em mim
As palavras rasgam o papel mais infortunado do mundo
Escrevo exactamente o que não digo
Egocentrismo é um enfeite
Um enfeite do corpo
Fixado na mente
E lentamente deixa-nos
Como o sol num inverno
Ou a chuva no verão
Ambos são bem-vindos
Mas que não tenham as suas manias trocadas
Como se uma árvore ficasse azul ou preta
Ou a música na minha cabeça fosse moderna
Pelo menos sei que esta é eterna
Como os sonetos de poetas antigos
E a liberdade subjectiva totalmente livre de perigos


quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2012

Shiny Delusion

Undying love
Eternity wounded
Like bleeding eyes staring at me
Haunting pride
Your lack of emotion
My need for attention
Is it the end?

Crying out my desperation
And a kiss on the lips
A memory
A thing from the past
The stone replacing the heart
Misery filling my soul
And the words have changed
The cold
The anxiety
Superior feelings
And their loathing

Illusion inside of me
The mind begins to rotten
Surrounded by daylight impurity
My passion grows
Desiring something else
But the exit is distant
My thoughts are broken
My warm heart has been stolen
Turned into dust
Failed lust

A troubled world
Within my own insecurity
Feeling lost
And your decisions confuse me
Once in a while
Make up your mind
And your heart should follow
The comfortable hollow
Day and night
Through my only wonders
Of indecency and delusions


domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

The Timeless Soul

Twisted feelings into my mind
Poisoned heart and the cold beat
The memories haunt me
My infatuation sinks with me
I feel the nothingness coming in
Fire warming my feet
But my thoughts are still sick
Hatred inside a box
My love is not enough
Blindfold my eyes
Take my pain away
In a long period of time
I crawl in desperation
And I run
And scarred

An inspiration to my feelings
The wind blowing my thoughts
The cold persists
You're so far away
My heart still exists
He's dead
Sickness fills your head
I try to remain hopeful
Don't give me anymore reasons
To survive on my own
Or to even shed tears all alone

Papers inside of letters
The call I need is leaking
Someone will feel the way I burn
Screaming in agony
Too many visions
Visions of darkness
Everything created in illusions
And I still hope
That our now shattered passion
Comes back soon
With the lasting love
That is my dream
The strange paralysis of my heart
The irony

Flames surround my naked body
In debt with the oil
Burnt eyes
Still a fearful mind
I will never feel myself again
I will never know the touch again
My heart can't be wrong
The guide can't be wrong
Not this time

A pure look in my eyes
Will it be good enough
To rescue you
From the cold nights in despair
From the memories in your mind
And the bleeding passion
Our solution
My desperate hope
The timeless soul
The frightened heart