terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Endless Mysteries

The daily routine is becoming really bad,
The movements of my mind are too mad,
There's another way for my troubles to go,
I wish I had full control of my entire soul,
But the ice is breaking on my hands,
And the liquid is pouring down to my plans.

Can I save them now?
Let the mysteries make a vow.
My heart will make it right,
Playing through the night.

People these days seem too fake,
Their actions grow to the rhythm I ache.
They look into my eyes and watch them wrong,
I'm laying down, I'm not keeping myself strong,
Where do I belong?
Where do I belong?

Can I save them now?
Let my mysteries make you a vow,
And my heart will make it right,
Wondering through the night.


segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Imagina-me Distante

Eu espero viver entre sombras e luzes
Chorar sem ninguém me observar
Pareço igual a muitos para mentes que nada significam
E não vejo em mim o que poucos dignificam

Tardes sem nuvens, sem chuva
O frio quase congela o coração
Noites seguintes que, intensivamente,
Tentam perdurar as minhas esperanças em vão

Uma vela perto da minha face
Cega a minha visão no teu desenlace
Quero gritar mas para ninguém me ouvir
Quero libertar tudo dentro de mim antes de cair

Vou alimentar a minha alma com raios de luz
São os meus desejos impertinentes
E já foram as mágoas de outrora
Encaminhadas para o que nunca imaginei conseguir

Posso abrir o meu sentimento a quem me rodeia
Não o farei sem sofrimento
Sem estar distante

Ricardo Rodrigues

sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012


Grey eyes that steal my vision
Unbounded soul forms my division
No water, no fire
Just lost ashes to inspire
Old places
Bold faces
It's a misunderstood truth
Prospered through the dying youth

Ignorance must not dwell
The world is falling apart between our eyes
More heart, more heart, more heart
Less lies inside our minds
This is their greed
This is our need

Searching inside led me to regret
Shadows and horrors brought to me
Feeling them might end my defect
I feel the despair
Hope to reckon your care

More love, less death
Begging you
Don't let me stare
Don't let me stare
The blue


quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012


The ferocious passion is running out,
Why do I feel so slow in my mind?
I think I'll have to wind up my thoughts,
I must not be tempted to fail,
Otherwise I rather finish myself outside;
Feeling the cold breeze,
And the ever lasting tease - inside.

Flying around the cities of wisdom,
I could never feel any better.
It called me but I didn't want to go,
I was feeling right, at last;
With my creatively measured actions,
Going around in circles,
Throwing away my eternal passions.

This uncomfortable situation is unreal,
I thought I was going to feel thrill,
I'm writing and I'm trembling,
These voices are frightening,
Please, help me,
I'm not being myself,
Please, forgive my insanity!
Help is all I'm hoping,
These voices filling my head,
These strange and scary transmissions filling my head!


sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012


A search of pleasure covers my day,
Rainy eyes remember every way.
For too long, I thought I was a mistake,
Thoughts come soon and I don't want to ache.
The desires of a young man, no longer obtained,
And my wishes are fearful, my mind is stained.

When I felt that I was losing it,
I took a word to somebody's soul,
And, surprisingly, I found what I stole;
The meat that I crave,
The skin that I can't hate,
Of a lonely body waving on my direction,
And I'm frustrated to feel an affection,
I can't take this type of complexion,

Ricardo Rodrigues

quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2012

The Warning

Trying to be someone special will not last,
All these nights in black cannot be done,
From silence to noise, the moment goes fast,
My hands are cold and I'm just no one.

Blind eyes seek lonely and peaceful sounds,
Inside my heart exists troubled bounds,
And during the day I find myself dying,
Let me deceive you to believe I'm crying.

Oh, oh, what am I?
I'm sorry if my soul wishes to die,
Beneath the ground, I will lie,
Terrified to become a stranger,
Through the dark clouds I found danger.

I'm feeling more and more afraid,
Inside I'm begging for your aid...

Ricardo Rodrigues

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Blue Room

The clouds have woken
I've told my entire wounds
Bleed, bleed, bleed
Tormenting myself, care is too much
Right through my soul
Lit fire to my soul

Bedroom, my only room
Blue room, my only room
My blue mind, my only room
My only room

Crossed his legs
Broke his necks
Left his home, stole his own
Raped his mouth, shut it now
You're too loud

In his only room
In his only room
In his only room

Suicide and gloom
He'd be happy if he'd bloom
If it'd bloom

Ricardo Rodrigues

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012


The worries of an old man, kept for no one,
His passions lost in depth, they were tired and done,
All of the people he met said he was corrupt,
Every bone he possessed had to disrupt.

In the dark he felt good,
Through the painful heart, he felt good.

Convinced from broken feelings, woken and weak,
Confused by the daylight, promised to never speak,
Again and again he swore to never hear them, but forced to ache,
He fell in despair, tainted from memories, alone he would shake.

In the dark he felt good,
Through the painful heart, he felt good,
Day and night, he had to be good.

Ricardo Rodrigues

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

Wooden Eyes

The solution for my misery could go well,
But instead I went through hell.
Mind's a broken thing,
Left myself a good wing.

But it won't make me fly,
Disrupt my cries,
Ask myself why.

Humans exposed to my eyes,
Could I see more than lies?
Confidence could be invaded,
My mind dares to be betrayed.

It will make me happy,
Repeat my voice,
You're my always choice.