terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Endless Mysteries

The daily routine is becoming really bad,
The movements of my mind are too mad,
There's another way for my troubles to go,
I wish I had full control of my entire soul,
But the ice is breaking on my hands,
And the liquid is pouring down to my plans.

Can I save them now?
Let the mysteries make a vow.
My heart will make it right,
Playing through the night.

People these days seem too fake,
Their actions grow to the rhythm I ache.
They look into my eyes and watch them wrong,
I'm laying down, I'm not keeping myself strong,
Where do I belong?
Where do I belong?

Can I save them now?
Let my mysteries make you a vow,
And my heart will make it right,
Wondering through the night.


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