sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

Would you keep my heart inside a box?

If you had my heart in your hand,
literally my heart in your hand,
would you keep it in a jar?
Inside a box?

It doesn't feel good at all,
when my love is taken away from me,
when all my dreams fall,
it doesn't feel nothing to be

My stomach hurts too deep,
shouldn't I eat my heart?
It's not a need, so long being a creep,
it all feels like falling apart.

I can taste these veins,
there is this time that comes,
when I wish my heart to be in flames,
I just want you to realize, I'm not speaking in tongues.

If you do not forget,
please let me burn,
let me go in ashes which do not affect
no one else's urn.

Just go and come,
don't leave if you have to choose,
don't let me remain numb,
you know, you're all I have to lose.


quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Unconscious Hang But Alright

There's a cloud in the air
She takes away my breath
Curses my own step
Show me our depth
Tell me already, what's left

The collar has been broken
My heart has been opened

Do you torture me
Like this

I'm completely falling down
Capture me before I drown
My face sucked in the ground
Oh, turn on the sound

People fake their own nature
I lay down before it's feature
Feeling stupid and unconscious
Treat me a little dumb
And if you're me
Just be neat

Do you torture me
Like this

Follow the hang
In my hand
If I'm right
If I'm right
I'm not alright

Not ready
Not ready
Oh, not ready
Don't you leave
Don't leave me
Or I lie


sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Baby Tone

All my knees
All there is
All your tears
All my fears
Heal them now
Kill them now
Breath him out
Shoot me loud
Feel a hand
In your fore
In your head
Don't be dead

I'm here
I'm here
I'm here
I'm there

Holy lair
Choose the pair
Suck me dry
Don't cry
Let us laugh
Let me care
Oh, the night
Feels so right
And do it bright
This time

All my pain
All my pain
Feels like rain
Like a rock
On a sock
Heavy lot
Your dark
You're not
You're not

I'm not
I'm not
Baby tone
Grab your phone
Pickup your own

I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
I will moan
Your tears


New Wave Hell

Car crashes, road lifts our bodies
Dark moon falls near the alley
Keys locked in the door
House burning floor
Dirty flirty shoes on the move
Light a cigarette, smoke dries
Our superstitious lungs
Cure our little stupid wounds
Kisses to the air
Are we breathing inside our own lair?

Oxygen is a birth disease
Poison gas from a leak
Why do the humans live
Inside the beautiful Earth
Shouldn't they all die before dirt
Nature is a new born work
From a tiny creepy shell
We're the new wave hell

Burn all the fire
Dry all the water
There is no sense in dying
Unless your life is based on


quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Fake Absolution

Death and deep pain inside my head
Comma would be a solution
If I were an absolution
Tearing the blankets of my bed

Mixed emotions and cold brain
My mind is beautifully numb
My heart is a pouring rain
You and your misery; they succumb

Rescue me; you don't ask me
Let me be; do not wish
Realize myself, with thee
I'm just a cold sea fish

And for so long
To you, I will belong


quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

Eternity Is Forgotten

Waterfalls free the innocence
Landscapes from heaven
Lifting your highness
In a jar full of sickness
Birthing, filthy nature
A new creature

A smooth sound collides the solid ground
Peaceful track, collapses in my ears
Violins formed a new bound
Voices reached thousands of tears

Noises untied our breaths
Chains stole our deaths
Aggressive change to a slight
Making of angel's sight

Explored unclean fields
Waters of a beautiful swamp
Who would dare to cross
A foretold loss?

The old plants have been forgotten
Collected seeds meant death
The leafs of eternity have rotten
Was there any meaningful breath
At all?


There is no control (inside of me)

Will you believe in me
When I say there's no one else
To live for
But you?

The world is too cruel
To ever live without you
And your soul, heart and mind
Sometimes I get deeply blind
But I don't mean to be hurtful
I'm just a love fool

If you need me
I will need you
Even if you don't
I will love you, baby
Love you
Love you

I'm so sorry
'm just an idiot with no self-control
I'm sorry
'm just a broken creep
My heart is always so deep
When it's about you, baby
Baby, when it's about you...

No control
No self-control
I may be lost in the shores
Of my own mind
I lose control, baby
I lose...

And if you need me
I will need you
Even if you don't
I will love you
Love you



Get out of your room
There's too much rotting death
Inside your body, eternal loom
Unknown road, dying breath

Walls of your nightmare
Tear the world apart
Shout out, show me the flair
Where is the love in art?


segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

Nothing Here

No rooftop, rain and thunderstorms
Shouting and smiling
Drowning and then breathing
Fleeing for a way of living
The sea is upside down
Underwater birth

Nothing is here
Ruin like walls falling apart
Ashes burning and minds tearing

Cold coat, body freezing
Eyes twist, face-stroke
No candles in the room
Lay down for a new doom
Endorse my love, I'm your man
Voices are fooling, but I'm your man

That day you're born, stars are falling
Feeling a bit of crisp and suicidal water
Between us, lots of laughter
Arms moving, no ending
Hearts crawling and bounding
You're loving your man and nothing is here
But I'm your man in the cold weather

Nothing is here
Ruin like walls falling apart
Ashes burning and minds tearing

Thoughts are broken and awful
Feelings inside a burning flame
Eternally us the same

Nothing is here
Ruin like walls falling apart
Ashes burning and minds tearing


domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Meu próprio mal

Se por algum momento não te desejei,
Não fui real,
Fui apenas algo que não imaginei,
Fui o meu próprio mal.

Navios em mares que nunca desejei,
Pensamentos que a ti expeli,
Tuas palavras, eu temi,
E me afoguei...
Em lágrimas invisíveis,
E me matei...
Em sonhos irresistíveis...


sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Sicken Brain

From the opening light,
their sadness brought a bitter breeze
and the ashes fall asleep every time we breath,
thus I never felt happiness.

Stumbled on my own decay,
shook my life away,
our whole world had no faith,
but I seek a breathless voice followed by hunger eyes,
and the mind falls, to sight.

Of a land so broken,
her hand has untold the sore flame,
from the night that crawls in vain,
from nothing whom became a stranger,
there is a sicken brain.

The eyes miss your lonely breathing,
my ugly face is a pouring lie,
was I born with a soul,
should we be the cure foretold?

And when the wind blows,
our faces are perfectly dry,
our late nights...die.


quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

I believe you're real

I believe
You're a need
Can I feed
Your keep
Make a deal
This so real

I feel
I feel
Your fear
I feel
Your fear

These hormones
Have a meal
Give them bones
Find the zones
Where I hide
The loans
Won't find
What my soul
Ever owns

Soothe the load
Walk the road
Sold my eyes
To a homeless
Little crack
But you don't know
Should I tell you
He's back

I feel
I feel
Your fear
I feel
Your fear

She's so horny
I'm so blind
Can't you see
I'm lying
Not telling
The whole truth
'Cause all I know
Is how to fool

About to be
Really horny
She's not
But I am
Feeling naughty

I am
I am
I am
In silence

I feel
You're real


quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

A vida não é tão triste, afinal

A vida é triste.
A vida é triste quando acordamos,
quando saímos da nossa cama,
quando tomamos banho e,
quando saímos rapidamente da nossa casa,
para que não cheguemos atrasados
em comparação aos horários,
que nos foram entregues,
que supostamente devemos cumprir.
Mas os horários são incompetentes.
Quem os cria nunca se deparou realmente
com a liberdade
simplesmente pura.
Ficamos cansados,
sem energia para nada,
sem voz para reclamar o que é nosso por direito,
e depois sentimos ódio,
apenas porque um horário nos controla o dia,
apenas por o raio de um estúpido horário!
E acabamos por nem reparar que
estamos completamente nus e entregues à sociedade,
porque não houve tempo para vestir roupa,
ou até comprá-la!

A vida é triste porque
nos sentamos no sofá da sala,
a passarmos os canais que mais gostamos,
a vermos os nossos programas preferidos,
e a nossa atenção,
foca-se apenas nesses pequenos
ou longos momentos.
E de seguida temos a necessidade de nos alimentarmos,
ou apenas o desejo de sentir o nosso estômago cheio,
ou apenas porque a vida é assim,
repleta de desejos precisos.

A vida é triste porque temos tudo,
mas não sentimos nada.
A vida é triste porque nós próprios
somos tristes.
A humanidade é triste,
mas o mundo sempre foi feliz,
apenas sem felicidade abundante.

E a vida é tão triste porque nascemos
e passamos a vida inteira a refilar,
com tudo,
com todos,
até que nos tornamos realmente
uma tristeza de vida.

Afinal a vida não é assim tão triste,
nós é que a tornamos infeliz.
Com as nossas incertezas,
com as nossas falsas esperanças
e com as nossas palavras
sem atitude.


domingo, 10 de junho de 2012

Wide open chitterlings and smoked up lungs

How I found this head up here
Feeling numb like a broken wing
She lays me down on my grave
Forever got myself a sting
Imagine me all alone inside
Forgive me for my only ride

No, ohhh ohhh
No, back down
Back down
They were feeling so down

Floats underwater, dry
Chitterlings on the floor
No one to go that way
Rape the unwanted, decay
Follow me, I'm full of mistakes

Stomach pain killing sight
Smoked up soothing lungs, won't fight
All along the breathing lies
They said no more cries

No, ohhh ohhh
No, back down
Back down
They were feeling so down

Two sicken holes and none
Alive, couldn't they hide the gun


sábado, 9 de junho de 2012

Run, My Love

Queen of shadows, for I you shall be
princess of my heart,
soldier of my soul and for thee,
my feet will break apart.
Sore and whip,
she loved to steal
and she hated to sleep,
until she realized it was real.
Fellow blood be spilled,
do you wish to feel,
do you want her killed
or do I choose our meal?
Loneliness seeks in me
what no one could reach,
but she all wanted to see,
then myself had to leach.

Love of me, you are powerful,
you are beautiful.
Hate from me because they are nothing
and let me in, I am rotting.
But can you see the inside source?
I'm dictating a psycho's mind,
I'm teaching myself a maniac's course,
because someone from the outside is indeed blind.
Though I forgot my solution,
my slave you must learn,
unless this is an illusion,
your grave you must earn.
Little corpse over there,
may I have your remains?
I'm asking you nicely while you stare,
please let me love with those chains.
Nothing I study,
everything I remember,
my thoughts are bloody
and with my words, I surrender.

There is a garden downstairs,
there is all below
and there are some blooms.
Unfortunately there is a crow,
which with desire it forever dooms.
Raised from the living,
the death is here,
there is no breathing,
until we all tear.
Run my love
and ache while you can,
because when they get you,
the road shall be of span
and we'll just be few.
On my bed, my angel I foresee
the guardian of my soul,
the keeper of my heart, my sea
and for many long years, my whole.
We can tell now; the light is free.


sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

Inocência da Imaginação

O meu mundo cai por si
Nestas ruas sem fim,
E o mundo cai,
Porque permanece uma escuridão
Sem coração.

Passeios nas margens do rio,
Ultrajes e cabeças por um fio,
Seus trastes, seu trio,
Que caminhavam simplesmente ao frio.
E arrastam-se sem preocupação,
Como se o mundo fosse deles,
Como se as noites fossem eternas
E as manhãs tão reles.
Perguntam ainda que horas são;
Ao qual ninguém responde:
São horas em vão!
É óbvio que depois ficam fulos,
Ficam perdidos e nostálgicos,
Ficam sem nada que lhes lembre
Onde estavam há 8 horas atrás.
Então um amigo nos diz:
Não tens noção!
Não tens reacção para nada!
Talvez fosse melhor estar calado,
Mas enfureces-me com essa tua irresponsabilidade!
E realmente este amigo até tem razão.
Afinal sou apenas um infortunado
E desleixado.
Sou como algo antigo;
Outrora usado.
Parece-me que no fim disto tudo,
Eu é que sou aquele amigo,
Que faz parte daquele grupo,
Cuja localização de há 8 horas atrás
É desconhecida.

Passam-se tempos eternos,
Pessoas falsas e verdadeiras,
Batimentos cardíacos que lutam por um lugar no mundo,
Amigos e namorados,
Enfeites e casados,
Todos somos arrastados
Por um enorme episódio das nossas vidas,
Como o que eu descrevi há pouco,
Com palavras tão queridas.


quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Feel So Hungry

I'm so hungry
She's so happy
Breath me now
Do a bow
I'll give you a flower
You'll drawn it in the shower
I'll ask you how
You tell me loud
Not enough

Feel so happy
I feel so happy
You're so happy
We're so happy

I'm so hungry
There's some food
Do I like it
Not a clue
Let me chew
It's so true
Sometimes I'm not in the mood
'Cause there's a flood
In my mind
I'm so rude

Feel so happy
I feel so happy
We're so happy
So happy
We're so floppy
And really sappy

I'm so hungry
But there's no remedy
There's a melody inside
Would you be my pride
Stacked up there
Would you come out
And let them stare
Just a bit doesn't seem fair
Let it out
I don't care

Really sloppy
I feel
Really sloppy
I crave you
Really happy
Just happy


terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Hurt From The Rake

No one sees her wish
No one says a thing
She's back from the mist
She pulls me off to cling
Remains no living lake
She silences her word to take
Won't she deserve a break

Hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake
She's hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake

No mind can cease her pain
Drag her off the chain
Should be a bird on the rain
Inside her brain
She's vain

Hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake
She's hurt from the rake
Hurt from the rake

She sinks
But to me she blinks


segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

About a Friend

If you kill yourself
Please don't let me know
If you draw myself
Please make me ugly
If there isn't anyone
Should you call me
To forget your questions
Your heart is aching
And if you promise me
My soul is shaking

You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart

If you let me be you
For some moments
I will drawn your memory
And turn it good
If you want to live
You should not quit
Embrace your homeland
And give me nothing
Your raising scars
Should not stand

You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart

Don't you fool yourself
I'll never let you go
If you seal your bones
He'll never get what he owns
And if your mind is dark
I don't wish you any blank
I'll find you something new
To heal you from the move
Will you let me care
And lead you there
But I won't tell
'Cause you asked me where
It's just somewhere good
No one will be rude
To you
To you

You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart
You're trapped inside your heart

No longer anymore
No longer anymore


domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Nada Sós

És a água que ferve
E que fere.
És o fogo que arde
E que queima,
Que me acende.
És a minha vida num mundo estranho,
És o meu mundo num tempo interminável
E és o meu segundo
Num sentimento amável.

Eu sou a chuva fria
E o oceano gelado.
Eu sou a estrada sem fim
E o caminhante sem destino.
Eu sou ridiculamente sedado,
Mas principalmente
Sou teu eternamente.

Ambos somos sentimentais,
Frios e apaixonados,
O que torna todos os nossos sonhos reais
E os nossos desejos realizados.

E ambos somos de nós,
Sem sermos nada sós.


sábado, 2 de junho de 2012

Fogo Suicida

Sonho tão predilecto,
Dor incorrigível,
Pensamentos de afecto,
Tudo e nada mais que algo horrível.

Dizes-me o porquê disto?
Que eu não consigo entender
Ou prefiro não compreender,
Mas dizes-me ou resisto?

Espero que uma noite seja apenas eu
No teu pensamento, na tua humildade,
E eu desejo que um dia, na nossa realidade,
O mundo seja teu.

Fogo suicida,
Mente irrealista,
Arde descabida!
Que eu sou tão sentimentalista...


sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

There were days...

There were days that you would write poetry
on the back of receipts, on napkins from lunch.

There were words that would transform poetry
and poets who would rephrase worlds.

Centuries ago, there was humanity and there were humans
in the depth of our souls, love killed us.

In today's youth, death has reached everyone's heart
and death has offered the unknown.

There were foreseen things
and there were unseen ones,
underneath the breathless foams.

There were nights that you would write desires
with your tongue
on a neck.

And that is poetry
on the back of receipts, on napkins from lunch.