sábado, 9 de junho de 2012

Run, My Love

Queen of shadows, for I you shall be
princess of my heart,
soldier of my soul and for thee,
my feet will break apart.
Sore and whip,
she loved to steal
and she hated to sleep,
until she realized it was real.
Fellow blood be spilled,
do you wish to feel,
do you want her killed
or do I choose our meal?
Loneliness seeks in me
what no one could reach,
but she all wanted to see,
then myself had to leach.

Love of me, you are powerful,
you are beautiful.
Hate from me because they are nothing
and let me in, I am rotting.
But can you see the inside source?
I'm dictating a psycho's mind,
I'm teaching myself a maniac's course,
because someone from the outside is indeed blind.
Though I forgot my solution,
my slave you must learn,
unless this is an illusion,
your grave you must earn.
Little corpse over there,
may I have your remains?
I'm asking you nicely while you stare,
please let me love with those chains.
Nothing I study,
everything I remember,
my thoughts are bloody
and with my words, I surrender.

There is a garden downstairs,
there is all below
and there are some blooms.
Unfortunately there is a crow,
which with desire it forever dooms.
Raised from the living,
the death is here,
there is no breathing,
until we all tear.
Run my love
and ache while you can,
because when they get you,
the road shall be of span
and we'll just be few.
On my bed, my angel I foresee
the guardian of my soul,
the keeper of my heart, my sea
and for many long years, my whole.
We can tell now; the light is free.


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