quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Feel So Hungry

I'm so hungry
She's so happy
Breath me now
Do a bow
I'll give you a flower
You'll drawn it in the shower
I'll ask you how
You tell me loud
Not enough

Feel so happy
I feel so happy
You're so happy
We're so happy

I'm so hungry
There's some food
Do I like it
Not a clue
Let me chew
It's so true
Sometimes I'm not in the mood
'Cause there's a flood
In my mind
I'm so rude

Feel so happy
I feel so happy
We're so happy
So happy
We're so floppy
And really sappy

I'm so hungry
But there's no remedy
There's a melody inside
Would you be my pride
Stacked up there
Would you come out
And let them stare
Just a bit doesn't seem fair
Let it out
I don't care

Really sloppy
I feel
Really sloppy
I crave you
Really happy
Just happy


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