sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

Sicken Brain

From the opening light,
their sadness brought a bitter breeze
and the ashes fall asleep every time we breath,
thus I never felt happiness.

Stumbled on my own decay,
shook my life away,
our whole world had no faith,
but I seek a breathless voice followed by hunger eyes,
and the mind falls, to sight.

Of a land so broken,
her hand has untold the sore flame,
from the night that crawls in vain,
from nothing whom became a stranger,
there is a sicken brain.

The eyes miss your lonely breathing,
my ugly face is a pouring lie,
was I born with a soul,
should we be the cure foretold?

And when the wind blows,
our faces are perfectly dry,
our late nights...die.


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