sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

Would you keep my heart inside a box?

If you had my heart in your hand,
literally my heart in your hand,
would you keep it in a jar?
Inside a box?

It doesn't feel good at all,
when my love is taken away from me,
when all my dreams fall,
it doesn't feel nothing to be

My stomach hurts too deep,
shouldn't I eat my heart?
It's not a need, so long being a creep,
it all feels like falling apart.

I can taste these veins,
there is this time that comes,
when I wish my heart to be in flames,
I just want you to realize, I'm not speaking in tongues.

If you do not forget,
please let me burn,
let me go in ashes which do not affect
no one else's urn.

Just go and come,
don't leave if you have to choose,
don't let me remain numb,
you know, you're all I have to lose.


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