sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

The Lighter

Touch to be burnt,
The magic will be earned,
Watch your words, your filthy words,
And what's going on inside,
You'll kill me softly, we'll take a little ride,
It's time to walk now,
Time to take me now,
It's time to take a lighter,
It's time to feed me,
Time to feed up a fighter.

You'll think I'm wrong when I,
Tell you I hate myself,
When I kill myself,
And I can't tell what's right,
Am I just lonely and bright?
Who knows, I'm alive,
You're alive, you're alive,
Tell me now!

Come dance with me, my baby,
Bring your lights to me, my lady,
I'm cold and so is my fire,
And if you hold me,
I'll take you to the dawn,
And if you let me show you,
You'll fall in my arms once more,
Once more, we'll take new lore,
New lore, old door...

Young child who turns white,
Cure her with The Lighter,
But kill her after,
Teach her with laughter!
Sweet daughter,
Oh, oh, sweet daughter...

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