sábado, 15 de setembro de 2012

Above Me

Well, the lines that cross your face,
Seem so dark and leave no trace.
We all carry happiness in our hearts,
We just can't forget past marks,
And our world looks so sweet,
When I have the chance to treat;

You, my dear,
You, my darling.
You, my love,
You're really above.

When they told me to go away,
You stood there for me so I could lay;
With your feather,
I could almost see your bearer.
And everything will be done,
I'll crawl to your arms as we are one;

My dear,
My darling.
You, my love,
You're really above me.

The clocks are empty,
The feelings must be lengthy.
Our souls are calling,
Our bodies probably crawling.

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