terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Strange Man

Strange man who wanders the desert road,
He feels lost every time he falls,
And the sea is too heavy to carry.

Whenever the sky seems frightening and grey,
The strange man only has one question;
Who prays?
He has no answer for himself,
He feels alone and a hole in the sand is where he lays.

There, covered in sand, he wakes.
His loneliness strikes the most when he breaks down,
Starting to recall all of his past moments,
He had everything and a beautiful wife,
But he ran away when she asked about his previous life,
His secrets could be eternally buried,
His dreadful murders led him to be married,
And never thinking that she could be as beautiful as the past,
He quickly started to shed tears and screamed in misery;
"My love for you was never meant to be truly vast!"

Strange man picks his guitar strings on a lonely day,
Playing what he calls peace to our state of mind,
No one else listens to his masterpiece,
No one else but him can appreciate the silence!

The nightfall hasn't shown for months,
Since he's been living with filthy worms,
His most favorite food are snakes.
He inhales unknown substances,
His lost mind aches.

And the spirit of this lost man,
Has become numb but recognizable.
Was he a man at all?
A woman they said,
A woman they saw.


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