quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Homeless Vocation

I've troubled the past on my own for several times,
I went to work but I couldn't stand all the lies,
My mind was full of hate,
The appointments said I was late,
I said to myself, what was I thinking?
My soul had a leaking,
Your eyes saw my heart dripping.

Homeless and carrying your portrait,
I have a house but it still feels too corporate,
Homeless and wandering through the dawn,
I'm sleeping in the dark, resting on the lawn.

What have I won?
Nothing but art to write.
What have I won?
Nothing but a filthy sight.
What have I done?
Roamed the streets during the night,
Searching for some bright lights,
I failed to succeed,
I failed to find my need.

Resting on the lawn,
Resting on the lawn,
I'm sleeping in the dark,
Wandering through your lonely dawn,
Carrying your portrait and finding you,
Sleeping on the lawn,
And it takes no sensation,
And it misses every temptation,
To fall asleep with no sedation,
To wake up with the nightly vocation.


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