terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2012

Woman, Wash Me

To whatever I lean on,
Self righteous paradise,
I'm left alone with myself,
Let me harm this time,
I'm a danger for a single dime,
Call me your ranger!

Ashes from the public cigarettes,
I'm awake and I never sleep,
Missing your heart, lonely deep,
Your heart beating, sorrow's deep.

I feel loved and sacrificed,
I'm not enough to roll the dice,
I'm talking garbage, I'm a lie,
Oh darling, my darling,
I'm talking garbage, I'm a lie,
Except my love, don't die,
Except my love, so don't die!

One pain for a bastard,
None and all to gather,
Love and sex after,
I'm an electric bastard,
Who sings love to the birds,
Who draws sex to my woman,
Do I write you well, my woman?!
My woman?!
Ohh my woman!

Digging a hole so I can throw myself in,
Lock and load your suicide, I'm in,
Wash my breath before I go,
Take all of my clothes I deserve to go,
I'm less than everyone with no regrets,
I'm less than the world,
I'll be digging a hole so I can kill myself,
Finally I'll be digging a hole,
I will never achieve my whole...


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