terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Lasting Love

She is as beautiful as the dawn,
All of her lights shine upon;
The great surrounding sun,
With a perfect morning run.

Curtains on her waist she wore,
Thankfully, in my heart she found lore.
She will walk to my side,
And she will show me pride.

Dear, my dear lonely baby,
Would you wish to become a lady?
Or would you let myself cease,
To cure your own disease?

I die beneath your guards,
I wish for you to save me,
While I receive your kind regards,
While I'm a failure across the sea.

My hands are starting to break,
These fingers become to shake.
Should it be my own death?
It shall be my miserable breath.

It seems that you are really sweet,
You are truly real, indeed.
Have you sailed to my fleet?
Because you are perfect for myself to read.

And that way it begun,
A lasting love that will never be done.


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