sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

A Pleasant Refuge

He walks carefully and measures his paces,
Looks to the ground and sees someone's traces,
The footprints are so very strange,
Therefore he decides to use his sight at close range.
What does he see?
Only his mind cannot flee.
What does he envision?
Bodies and the lack of living forming the collision;
The collision of it all,
Perhaps the success of the small.

Their clothes are missing,
And their hearts are kissing.
The time is deeply quiet, it is almost unbelievable,
However, they seek the conceivable;
Through stone and fire,
Underwater and above mire.
Who to blame?
What to claim?

Suddenly, the ground trembled for despair,
Then, he and she began to drastically swear;
Their hearts, their souls, it was all out,
Until their voices decided to not shout.
They found a refuge inside a dark place,
Unfortunately, they had already lost their lone grace.
Were they scared or simply cold?
Though it would not change the fact that they were really bold.

Just two beautiful and perfect hearts,
Both dignified of the world's most pleasant arts,
Both sharing moments of delight,
And both desiring the endless night.


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