domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Safety Road

We're so close to be around each other,
It felt so great when you told me it was your mother,
Asked myself several times if this is true,
Our love, our real love when the sky is blue,
Building up a feeling of endless passion,
Now I remember without you I always felt too ashen.

If I ever stay alone,
At least I know my heart was known,
At least I know I've grown.

Don't ever let me go like the water between your fingers,
I wouldn't resist to fall in misery that lingers,
I really wish you to not fall,
I really hope you don't ever see your pain through a bloody wall,
You give everything you ever had,
You desperately try to not feel bad,
But sometimes it all comes back,
And you'd feel too sad.

If I ever stay alone,
At least I know your heart will not be thrown away,
At least we would know how to stray,
Between innocence and our own personal way.


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