quarta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2012

Complexity of Despair

Our home where no one is living,
The shadows inside are unforgiving,
I'm a fool beneath my will,
Everyday I'm trying to deal with my thrill,
I'm falling apart and rising after,
I wish the cure was only a simple laughter,
Of myself deeply depressed,
Of myself crying and stressed.

Why are you doing this?
Do you want me to dismiss?
I seem to be useless and sad,
My soul is null, I'm feeling really bad.
If only you would realize now,
This whole suffering of thou,
And I'm asking myself "how?".

I find myself truly inside your heart,
I know us as a beautiful piece of art,
You yell at me to stop,
And sadly my tears are beginning to drop.

It's time to treat one disease,
With two lovers on their knees,
He's trying to prevent the cold breeze,
She asks him, "will you stop, please?".
But he loves her too much to go away,
And "he", is myself that will always stay,
Miserable and aggressive, thinking I'm on the way,
I won't leave my dear, even when she wishes to stray.


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