terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

Oppressed Throat

Blood spilled to the floor,
Strangers in front of the door,
Murdered against the wall,
Forced my hands to crawl,
My reactions stood silent,
All of my fears declared violent,
A room that I never wrote,
I was thinking about her quote,
Hang the man by the throat!

She observes the humans in disgrace,
Her cold mind freezes the space,
I stare at myself questioning,
Who was she threatening?

Absolutely fascinated with death,
She has been living out of breath.
Since I've been depressed,
My illusions have been guessed.

This distance is unreal,
The illusion of passion is the heal,
Our broken bodies aren't here,
My oppression will not disappear.

Float a tension in the air,
My joyful person was never there,
Now I have a repressed mind,
Now I'm terribly unkind.


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