quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Caress of Depression

They're out there smiling,
Making fun of someone crying,
That's when I warned them,
Hypocritical group, I'll condemn,
With the palm of my hands,
My skin will show the way she stands.

Concerned about a painkiller,
That won't arrive before my thriller,
I need something new to use,
Something foreign to abuse,
To release my frustration,
And enjoy the alteration,
Of my dark and heavy load,
It appears that my mind has been slowed.

I hear a sinister sound inside my head,
I looked into the mirror, I thought I was dead,
Someone tried to save me from depression,
She feels pity that it became a succession,
Which is only stopped by her eyes,
By the glance of her deep skies,
I'm glad to scream, I'm glad she's wise.

I'm not even near the healthy sanity,
I'm not far away from insanity.
Oh, she looks and waves,
I run away from the history slaves,
I cleaned for once their dark graves,
Proud of an ancient spell,
My soul wishes to be well,
I'm trapped in the ground of hell.

They keep dragging me,
They keep laughing at me,
The rooms are closing in,
The bodies are diving in,
A pool of death and slaughter,
A poison intoxicates their water.
I'm on a roll now having fun,
You can't catch me now, run!
They keep believing they've won,
Lads, hey, lads, I'm not done!


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