sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Diamond Lady

You, Diamond Lady, with the shape of nature in your birth sign, I love you, do you know? I seek butterflies and mushrooms in your marvelous hair, with a slim touch and flavor of snakes and birds. I watch the stars fall from the shiny sky, from the moonlight who calls from above; I see you there, calling my name and pleading for my colorful aid. And in that particular moment, your eyes are brighter than our plants, animals and mother's leafs; your eyes are, eternally, precious.
The heavens dine together with a bittersweet wine withdrawn from our beautiful, pink grapes, the clouds share a messy place, yet a wonderful meal along the drops of water below our feet. We are high above. You, my Diamond Lady. You are incredibly passionate about the lack of wind and trumpets that used to echo in your dreams. You are, silently, in love. And that touches my heart in just a minor time lapse, a miraculous moment which is enough to induce that powerful and magic powder you wear on your lips; «kiss me», she said. And I did so.
I remember when you created my world. I could say the most unrealistic, but yet astonishing things to yourself. I still can; drinking warm milk and tea, that gives me a peaceful sense of what life is. I am not totally broken nor am I completely bounded to the limits of eternity. I worship your presence, and the fire surrounding your nude body, warming your bare birth, is all I care about. The heat in your heart is all I care about.
«Oh, sweet, sweet little thing, you have told the ancients about my findings. The findings who made my anatomy a much more lighten Earth», I told her. She lied down her head on those pure and white sheets, they were absolutely covered in dirt, grass and rabbits. Those were my findings; her pure and sane personality. Her skin smelled so good, I could almost feel her veins running through my inner soul. The Diamond Lady taught me how to survive, and then how to live. The Diamond Lady is my lady; my companion, my door to paradise. She's of the psychedelic kind, which I love and desire. We stood there, both naked, protecting each other, feeling the nature under our skins, and being as one; as one brilliant, beautiful and natural forest.


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