terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Blue Thing with Green Ingredients

Through wondering seas
Magnifying leather pants
Instantly blurred mirrors
See a colorful bag of hands
Mind wanders inside a sealed universe
These sounds haven't written any verse
Trumpets and unrealistic birds
They shine peacefully, appear in words
Thousand tears by the nature
Footsteps in your garden, you weird creature

I am hearing voices from the outside
Are they drugs that I've never tried?
My child, you have never lied
To plants that always cried

Regained a seed from the wind
Acquired a stick from the woods
Wish I had some powerful goods
Those hands were too harsh to grind
A fairyland to never find
A human being never kind

And with a bittersweet state of mind
She had high levels of grace
Her body was the creation of a psychedelic race


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