domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Someone In the Lake

I think her mom kinda likes me
I don't need a house to live
She needs a new place to breath
Broken thoughts are the new breed
She went to the beach with two friends
The road she took had many blends
Well, I'm the sea I have my tends

Oh, wait
Someone in the lake

I'm a dirty little duck with no regrets
Make no mistakes, that's all the bird gets
She pushes me away
I'm a loner so I beg her to stay

Oh, wait
There's someone
In the lake

I burned my legs
She screams and begs
But baby wait
Let me cook these eggs

Running in
Show me your breasts
I have some tests to do
You're free of any pests

There's someone
In the lake
In the lake

Having babies!


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