quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Tearing My Friend Apart

You feel that you are broken,
Your mind is a beautiful token,
Of your naive heart,
Surviving with unrealistic art.

He does not deserve you,
You're tearing your soul,
I'm telling you I always knew,
This is not your desirable whole.

Well, did you see him there?
Those tears are carrying you on,
He's rarely showing himself, that's not fair.
Would he hug you if he saw you at the dawn,
Are those the lines that you have drawn,
To take all of the blame?
You do not deserve the same,
Please, do not feel any shame.

My angry voice seems to be clear,
I clearly know the sound of your tear.
I wish he felt the same despise,
I wish he saw the same dark skies.


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