sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Not Resilient

Why do I feel like a mess?
It makes me sad that I'm like the rest,
I hope I'm not just an electrical light,
Don't think you can always be right.

Meaningless and provoked,
The trail has been soaked,
My conscience is a loner,
Inside a pain donor.

I try to be brilliant, I try to be brilliant,
But I'm not a resilient, I'm not a resilient.

Oh for long I've been sealed,
This delusional mind will never be healed,
The sounds of broken eternity,
They echo in my own modernity.

I'm not a resilient, I'm not a resilient,
When I try to be brilliant, when I try to be brilliant.

Please, call me to your side,
I'll sustain your heart and abide.
You've got all my truth,
I run from myself, do I have to soothe?

No longer extinct,
My thoughts are always distinct,
I may not be someone's hater,
But I'll haunt you sometime later.


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