sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Once More

I've never been trapped like this
Hidden thoughts create my doubts
Who's there to let me live
I've always wanted to leave
I don't know if I can go
But I'm sure the time will flow
Once more

End of the day and the wind on my face
I realize that my strength has gone to another place
Missing or eternally gone, I'm afraid to ask
I wish I could put on someone else's mask
Once more

The dreams love to lash my mind
Will you kill me when I'm blind
So you can spare me the joyful vision
Of my ignorant indecision
Once more

Looking at myself and staring emotionless
Daydreaming what can't be solved
Trying to run away from who can't be dissolved
They'll try to catch me before I know
But their hearts tend to feel too slow

And will you let me remain your whole
Don't tear apart my soul
Don't crush my heart

Oh, I'm here again
Yeah, I'm here again
And I'm feeling so pointless
Once more


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