quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

Quiet Dimensions

A newborn poet
Who circles my mind
Who browses the pages of my book
Learning my eyes
Foiling the truth
Hidden inside the lies
Of an ancient land
And a very cold hand
Warms up my heart
And sells it in parts
To save the world
To kill all the evil
It will make me die
And all the good nature
Will survive

Perfect surrounding environment
I'm alive
Someone who walks
Everyone talks
I worship you
And I hate your blindness
The noise is making me feel ill
Is it inside my head?
Is it because I may be dead?
Or is it just the strangers talking about me?

Desire to crawl for my dreams
But the strength leaks
The times of today are young
But I find myself dramatically old
Inside my thoughts
Beneath the extended joys
The trembling laughs

I walk with you
In a lonely path
To reach and to see
My soul coming back with something
Happiness or delusion
Needed or desired
All of them are right and wrong
Forming emotions on paper
Visual modification

Ricardo Rodrigues

3 comentários:

  1. adoro, principalmente a primeira estrofe. está lindo!

  2. This is brilliant!

    Your writing style is very unique and filled with so much emotion.