terça-feira, 20 de novembro de 2012

Mirth (I give to you)

You're too broken today
But I'll follow
Soon that pain will be thrown away
To the pits of sorrow
I'll teach you how to live once more
The agony must rest in the hollow
It won't enslave you anymore

And there the clouds shake
In tones of dark blue
While I'm here trying to keep you awake
To remind you of my dedication
To you
And I'll remain to be your salvation
Truly eternal

The words that you want to shout
Are they worthy of hearing them?
You want to be saved alone
Hatred has grown
I hope my love to be still enough
Because every wounded memory
Are making your tears feel really rough

Jealous minds that you see everyday
Clueless population won't even reach halfway
Their hearts are empty
And their lies are plenty
But my dear, don't breakdown
They're just too many clowns

We must be stronger than Earth
And in little time
You'll finally feel mirth
With me and the perfect way we rhyme


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