segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012


Crossing the lines of hell
Trying to fade away
My skin feels cold
Heartless thief
Mourns my death
Slow, old breath
My eyes are blind
It's too much time far from you
The surrounding sounds are inaudible
It's too much time without hearing you
And your voice
That always warms my heart
And clears my mind
From cheating myself
Solely to the purpose of hurting myself
Because I can't seem to reach you

Don't fall
Don't fall beneath my heart
It would be my death
Stand tall
Stand tall staring at my eyes
It can be our moment
Anytime you want

Wounds from the inside
Once they had you
No more
When my love for you is eternal
When the moments felt better than anything

Still makes you lie on the ground
That pain needs to be buried

You can overcome your battles
But don't do it alone
Otherwise I'd be left
All alone and beaten
By the threatening sorrow
With nowhere to go
But to you

You're my only escape
My only joy
And the only precious heart and mind
That I will ever understand and want
Is yours
Close to mine

Give me a sign
Let me hear your voice
I'm getting lost over here
Let me hear it
Your slow breathing
Let me cherish your words again

No one else but you knows
The truth in my words
Reflected in actions
Prospered in the heat of our hearts
And will it be today?
The taste of your voice
Inside my soul
Filling my whole


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  1. está tão lindo, mas tão desprovido de beleza. ao invés, está repleto de amor, adoro.