segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Lost Child

A lost child in this world,
I am, so, tell me,
What do you want from me?
From this lost child,
Do you need protection?
Do you need comfort?
Oh, I'm sorry, but instead of my heart,
There's a deep black hole,
With no goal,
Except for destroying any particle that tries to wake me
Will you just treat me?
Please, can I expect safety from you?
Promises I don't need,
Tears I don't want,
Souls, from none I achieve,
But you, sweetheart,
You're all to be,
Come and go, like a bird, forever free

And because after all,
After all that's going on,
After all that you've been through
My inner says I would never flew,
From you, for you,
I would pour anything value
Because you deserve it, because nobody is worth your love,
Because your aura, well, it is blue
Whom message refers to something beautiful, I tell you
Do you have any clue?
Of what I'm talking about, of all these encrypted words?
It's just to tell you,
To tell you,
You're special, you're real
Can't you realize, you're making me thrill?

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