domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Plain Feather

Do you want me?
Everyone, do you want to taste?
To taste the plain feather
The feather of whom my life has become
A simple guide, a guide for nonexistence
Nonexistence in my brain, the mind strives
Strives to build a wall against suffer
The wall of dreams, a daydream which I can't be awaken
A dream of long stories, of short topics
Topics of our life
The life of various silent birds
Birds that cannot live alone
That worship life at it's maximum
But, what is the maximum?
What is worshiping?
Is it living for one? Is it dying for thousands?
Does it make any sense that my writing calls you
You and me, never seen before, but it's alive
Alive as it can be, alive as we want it to be
No falling, no crying, just raising
Young, but we'll be old
Old, the body shall be rotten
Rotten is the mind, the mind of youth
Youth was breached
Breached and burnt by murderers of the past
Or was it through the future?
Future, nothing, no one knows
It's unknown, it's death, it's life
It's us, together or away
As they tell us to sacrifice
The feather returns, it returns to nothing
None has been damaged, none has lived
Nothing remained
We're just plain and simple, like a feather falling from the sky

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