sábado, 7 de janeiro de 2012

Miraculous Voice of the Deep Core

My shadow breaks through the desiring nights, the rainy days. The calling voices are fearless, they drove the Devil itself to it's throne, God's will hasn't been satisfied, your passioned line has been broken. You can't be loved, you can't love, your senseless view of the world is, however, astonishing.
Your dreams won't become true, your existence is like a crow devouring a lion's body, it's natural, yet, the look in your eyes is labeled as horrified. The eyes have suffered from flashes of a lifestyle completely disturbing, an outrage of feelings, a nightmare of dead souls. There is no existence in nothing, there is nothing in existing, the living of fellow mates is more important than the baseline of any hurtful person, whether it used to be the one you loved or the one you wish you would cut the head off and cry because it's skin wasn't good enough to make a coat. Does it make any sense? No. Why would I make any sense? I'm just a fool with a desire to love, to retain and accomplish a love which cannot be broken, which cannot be stolen, which is felt by both.
It cannot be as before, it's simply impossible, but I've always heard "nothing is impossible". What is nothing? What is impossible? Is it the wish to be happy with a sad look? The crying heart of an helpless mind whom it's thoughts are scared? Nothing is the sphere of our life. Nothing is perfection with a touch of killer visions. 
As I was once blinded by the naughty shores that this World has brought to my nucleus, I've been terrified day and night, with the fear of being forgotten once more and just act like everything is okay, when I actually want to taste the skinless body. That is not okay...or is it? The way someone thinks, the way someone acts is the way you do not wanna follow. It is dangerous and you shall not be hurt again.

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