terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

No Turning Back

Cursed spirit, tears bleed
Dead as that tree
In the corner of that garden
I break the soul, senseless
Eyes turning
Brightness evolving to darkness
Nothing has been conquered
In the house of solitude, broken
Insanity shines through my thoughts
No suicide, it just feels dead inside

Form of greatness stands
Upon your unborn child
He's the salvation from madness
Before someone gets wild

In the woods, full of rain
Chains possessing
It was skinless
The Core craves for forgiveness
Which cannot be given
Thunderous massacres stroke
Your wrath has been unleashed
They fear you before they even know you
The power to murder is in your hands
Use it, abuse it
Abuse me, give me your blood
Your flesh I desire
Your broken bones I master
In the morning haze
I will kiss you and feel your veins

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