quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

Is this possible?

Cannot deny it, I can't stand the desert lake in my heart
Pulling me inside, I can't seem to find my way to the top
It's broken, my vision was broken
The only truth I can see is your love
Flying across the river, it's more than a lake, it's a move
The move of life, the flight to find the realistic path
His flesh starts to burn as the Sun is reached
Right-handed, he holds the sphere
It's the World in his hands
A massacre has been wanted since the wrath of Lucifer
It's been damaged, the lights have been damaged
The fall is higher than ever, he used to be in solitude among hundreds of people
But a thriving soul desired his heart, his love, his life
He tried keeping it a secret, she thought the same
Yet, they were so insane even their silent voice couldn't be shut
Through shadows they went, from births they flew
Let your cold hands in my astonishing and crazy winds painted in blue
Arms holding you, feeling the sugar of life, I'm breathless
My lips are dying to taste the flesh of your aura
Why do you make me live in this trauma?
Should the cold-heart be lighten or remain frozen?
I cannot be hurt again, not anymore
Gone through too much to even remember the pain
I can see the space in my heart filled by your whole, I can see my vein
Deep inside it hurts, tears were shed
The fear of losing you, your feeling of liking
More extended than the infinite, bigger than simple passions
Afraid of committing crazy actions, I'm loving
Loving you until my soul lets
Until the shore ends
Until you let me...finish.

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