terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

Nonexistent World

Kill, kill, kill!
Wrath, what you may become to me,
I shall inflict you the pain that flashes through my brain
This burnt skin is almost healed,
Does it feel alright if I want to smash your heads,
Then turn them into a silent maniac?
It feels so dark and so light,
At the same time I feel I'm useless,
But then I create this urge of mine
From the deep core, I will break any curses that torment me
Forever, why never die
Why live, when we're not alive?
Call your ancestors
Feel proud of them
Then revenge your own usual death
Real ones, no please
You must improvise, otherwise your own blade shall hit you deeply
Deep in your heart, in your your mind
Death is the new good
But good is the new bad
So we're left with life and monotony, in which we cannot escape
So, please
My love, free me
Free me from the society, I can't
I can't handle it anymore
Our brains start to dramatize so much, even our cells drop dead
Only you, only your heart can do it
Please, will you free me?
Will you run away with me?
I know not, but at least I can have my own and ideal illusion
The illusion that lets me escape from the nightmares this world has created
The people are wicked
We don't deserve, we don't belong here
We're unnatural in a natural way
Give me the above, stay there with me
Don't stop now, it feels so great
I'm on top
We're high up there
It's not freedom, though, it may be a place in a nonexistent world

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