sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

What have I found?

There's this girl who got into my life
Her head was a messy love
I confused my thoughts
She confused her feelings

She loved two but I only loved her
She was my burning heart
And my birth

She lives hundreds of miles away
Perfectly imperfect, she's on the way
Waiting for her here
Waiting for her smile to break in

What have I found?
My life was so meaningless
She creates the sound on my mind
My heart used to be so blind

But she's what I found
When she shines
She's here in those times

I'll wait for her bright eyes
I'll wait for her hair to pass by
Kissing your heart
Is all I care about

You are
What I needed
And All I wanted

All I wanted
All I wanted


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