quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2012

Hell, Can't Tell

Got my clock back
Trapped to my right crack
Sucked my teeth until I got blocked
Shit, got slapped
Coming home like I was nothing
Used to be dumb and numb
Now I'm just dumb and got none
Had my ass bitten
The way I was treatin'
I could suffer from your own breathin'
Fuck, I wasn't reachin'
Phone rings and has no brawls
Fuck me if you tell me I got no balls
For my own shit I'm sellin' halls
Bags of small blue thing
'Cause I'm gettin' us a fucking ring

We're on the roll
I'm walking in prowl
I think I had a soul

We used to go on the playground
Thinking about my imaginary crown
I was all over the floor
Bleedin' off my neck
My blood was clickin' on the deck
Tired of all this crap going through my head
Can't take it no more 'cause I'll be dead
Sooner as you could ever imagine havin'
Just like my hate lyrics
Get you pissed off 'cause that's my critics
Sometimes we feel we're living in hell
Guess what? No one cares to tell
It's just an horror show where we yell
Get used to it and simply dwell


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