sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

To Be Youth

I fly though I'm paralyzed
I am crucified but I've tried
I know we'll have to hide
And no, I won't give up on my pride

I hear the birds outside
When they moan to come inside
I see the bridges falling
When you're alone and want to be alive
Fly, fly, fly
And tell me goodbye
No, I don't care
Just stop the cry

You want to be known
But you can't succeed
You don't wanna to be down
But you just can't breath

Today you seem so happy
Yesterday you were so naughty
And tomorrow we'll prevail
For this life we must not fail

Do you dare to be senseless
I dare you not to be priceless
I want you to feel brightness
I need you out of the darkness

Under the sea
The sand you can see
Approaching to your feet
And in your hands, the night
Will make us dim

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