terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

Serpent Brain

you're the serpent
I'm the king
wake me while I sleep
In your arms
I slip into consciousness
And I'm alive
I'm alive
So long gone has been
The illusion of my life

A drop of the ocean
Beneath the stars
I'm the crazy one
For believing I could have fun
In this sea of madness

But oh dear sadness
My sweet child
Die and let me be wild

For most of what I lived
I was taught nothing but
To be myself
Now that I'm dramatically myself
They would like someone else
To hang their pictures
In the blue sky
Where I'm in the deepest
Cloud of gloom

And the potion
Carried by the drop of the ocean
Fell through
And the wild vision came

No longer a shame
At last
My name
Scripted in the stone
Which is located in my brain

wander and wander
I stumble while I wonder

Ricardo Rodrigues

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