terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2013

A Wish To Expand

I like to despair
To the sound of love
I like to dance as you seduce me
And then someone
Or something
Makes me feel alive
To complete my wish
But it's more than just my wish
It's the heart of the world
The desire that is within ourselves
And our much hated boundaries
We should free ourselves
Let our spirits flow
And shout the truth
The truth is inside our sick minds

What do you want
She wondered
With her head off her heart
I want you
I said
With a smile on my face
Then I got my despair
And she found the passion for love
Between the lines in my poetry

Are you my muse
I asked
Well what have you got
She replied
I have what you want
Love and madness
Nakedness and failure of success
So I said while the universe
Expanded my mind

Ricardo Rodrigues

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